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18 year old dating minor donnie walberg dating

If you have questions about these age limits or any other aspect of a particular family law matter, it's in your best interests to contact a family law attorney licensed in Kentucky.

In that statute anyone under 17 is considered a “child’ and unable to consent to sex.

We all live in Florida and I wanted to know if they do decide to have sex can she run into a legal situation if his parents were to find out?

He is a nice boy, but I found out that things are getting heated, but no sex yet.

If the minors parents object to the relationship they can order them to stop.

If they do not they can (although very difficult) get a protective order. I just want to be very clear that I understand this. If the parents object they can cause my daughter legal problems?

Emancipated minors may consent to any treatment because they are treated as adults.

If married, the minor can sue on his or her own behalf because marriage is a legal status that generally emancipates a child.

She is an adult and should not be having sexual relation with a boy of 15.

Search this forum and see what others that have made this mistake are going through, and show your daughter...there is a thread on here right now about a girl that has to Register as a Sex Offender for her behavior with a minor.

The table below outlines the legal age laws in Kentucky. That’s when you’re officially considered adult, with the rights and responsibilities that come with that.

However, there are two exceptions where the age of majority doesn’t come until 21.


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