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All this guarding, aggression, repeat mating, and sneaking can be traced to one factor: paternity — who gets more genes into the next generation.

Sexual selection favors any gene, anatomical structure, or behavior — no matter how bizarre — that provides a reproductive advantage.

Then, you hit college in the 90’s and sorority and frat guys are getting one or two.

In LA, I feel like your cool factor amplifies 85% if you have one on your arm, your neck, your wrist, your back, or your whole sleeve, in case you forget to wear one.

This alternative strategy might involve female impersonation, hit-and-run mating, or something even stranger.My choice of helping children apparently made him look good.Tattoos are acceptable and pretty much everywhere in California.It was cool in DC to see any celebrity or important person, no matter who they were.She wants instant gratification even though we've exchanged only a few words online.The sneaking male hides behind a rock, extends his mating arm to the female, and, if lucky, accomplishes his mission.Don't worry about me — I'm just a female octopus passing through") can work a bit too well: the researchers saw a guarding male set his sights on the sneaker male octopus passing though his territory and try to mate with "her." Why would a male change his stripes (literally), sneak around, and risk the unwelcome amorous advances of another male?These rooms give users the opportunity to interact and meet with one another.If the rooms do not give a spark on your interest, try sex chat which have a whole lot of interesting set of individuals that you could possibly meet.So long as aggressive monopolizing males continue to father the most offspring, the new strategy won't completely take over in the population.A monopolizing male attracts one or more females with his impressive coloration, large territory, willingness to care for eggs, or handsome sponge, in the case of the marine isopod, mates (often repeatedly), and tries to prevent his consorts from bestowing sexual favors on other males.


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