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The server ensures that no extra un-escaped angled brackets or ampersands are included in the message.When a client sends a message, the response that is returned by the server contains the server-formatted version of the message.

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You can post multiline messages through Slack's APIs.

You can specify an unlimited number of rules and conditions, and you can manipulate any portion of the encountered URLs.

Crawl rules are most useful for rewriting dynamic parts of a URL, such as a session identifier which is unique for each customer who visits your website.

Typically, the retrieve rules are used for inserting time-sensitive data back into the URL. Retrieve URL Rules are only necessary if URLs contain dynamic data, like a session ID, and if that dynamic data changes over time to remain valid.

It is this final URL that is used to actually retrieve the page from your website. In this case, you use Store URL Rules to get the most recent state of the data from the encountered URLs.


  1. Apr 3, 2016. Adding a Limit Object to a Rule · Enabling or. You configure Application Control and URL Filtering in the Security Policies view, in the Access Control Policy of R80 SmartConsole. See the. Important – After upgrade, do not change the Action of the implicit cleanup rules, or the order of the Policy Layers.

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