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While some Aussies try and convince foreigners we keep kangaroos our backyards, our New Zealand neighbours have joked they have penguins as pets after an adorable video surfaced of a man’s encounter with the flightless bird.

Local woman Dee Clark recorded the encounter during a walk to the popular penguin sighting destination, Stirling Point.

Cependant, contrairement aux apparences, le chat n’est probablement pas en train de faire des bisous à son petit humain, mais de lui dire plutôt gentiment de lui lâcher les pattes…

Cette vidéo n’est donc pas aussi mignonne qu’il n’y paraît.

Hey, man: If you want to indulge society’s increasing acceptance of all-knowing technology, that’s your prerogative. The Pokémon Company has seized this power and found a way to channel it for the greater good.

I can’t say I’m totally opposed to devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home; it’s pretty cool that they can tell you the weather or even turn off your lights. An app available on both of these interactive home assistants, Pikachu Talk, serves a single purpose.

Cette vidéo est surtout l’occasion de rappeler qu’il est indispensable de surveiller les enfants qui se trouvent avec des animaux.

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Send us an email at [email protected] shoot us a text at 646-941-8135.A lire aussi : Ce bébé devient totalement fou quand il voit son chat !Felicitations Wamiz : c'est une très bonne analyse de la situation.The species appears to be a Fiordland crested penguin, which are known to be timid, despite this curious creature proving to be one social little bird.The penguins are known to breed along the south-western coasts of the South Island.Install it to the devices, and they’re able to speak back to you in Pikachu’s voice.There’s not much benefit to Pikachu Talk, beyond the immediate warm and fuzzy feeling you get from hearing Pikachu laugh and cheer and make all the usual noises.Le chat est bien gentil car il aurait pu griffer pour se dégager.Les adultes témoins de la scène sont des inconscients.It’s adorable, to the point where I would almost consider allowing one of these home assistants into my home.But I’ll stick with a Pikachu Build-A-Bear, I think.


  1. Dec 12, 2016. You may never quite catch him in the flesh on Christmas Eve, but Santa's coming to life in a whole new way this year thanks to a project by cloud communications platform Twilio. Parents can now give their little ones the chance to have a personal phone chat with an adorably squeaky-voiced elf from the.

  2. Août 2017. Ce doux moment de tendresse fait un véritable buzz sur le Web la vidéo a été vue plus de 5 millions de fois ! Cependant, contrairement aux apparences, le chat n'est probablement pas en train de faire des bisous à son petit humain, mais de lui dire plutôt gentiment de lui lâcher les pattes Cette vidéo.

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