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They provided the information to the FBI, who traced the IP address to 31-year-old Aaron Mc Grath.It turned out Mc Grath was hosting not one, but two child porn sites at the server farm where he worked, and a third one at home.The gallery provides generous exhibition opportunities for artists to share their work with a newly developed audience eager to experience how the world can be seen through viewpoints very different from their own. it a “drive-by download”: a hacker infiltrates a high-traffic website and then subverts it to deliver malware to every single visitor.But when the agents got to a site called “Pedoboard,” they discovered that the owner had foolishly left the administrative account open with no password.They logged in and began poking around, eventually finding the server’s real Internet IP address in Bellevue, Nebraska.Some users of such service have legitimate and even noble purposes—including human rights groups and journalists.But hidden services are also a mainstay of the nefarious activities carried out on the so-called Dark Net: the home of drug markets, child porn, murder for hire, and a site that does nothing but stream pirated My Little Pony episodes.

With an exhibition space of more than 1,700 square feet, and exhibition catalogs with essays written by such prominent art critics as James Yood, Fred Camper, and Garret Holg, the H. Johnson Gallery of Art is one of Kenosha’s best-kept secrets. Johnson Gallery of Art, students and members of the community find new meanings in places they may never have thought to look.Join artists Mark Bradford and Stephen Towns for a lively conversation with BMA Director Christopher Bedford on how each artist pushes the boundaries of painting through a variety of materials and forms. Directed by artist and educator Ryan Peter Miller, the gallery also extends exposure to these works of art to the community.It achieves that by accepting connections from the public Internet—the “clearnet”—encrypting the traffic and bouncing it through a winding series of computers before dumping it back on the web through any of over 1,100 “exit nodes.”The system also supports so-called hidden services—special websites, with addresses ending in .onion, whose physical locations are theoretically untraceable.Reachable only over the Tor network, hidden services are used by organizations that want to evade surveillance or protect users’ privacy to an extraordinary degree.“This is such a big leap, there should have been congressional hearings about this,” says ACLU technologist Chris Soghoian, an expert on law enforcement’s use of hacking tools.“If Congress decides this is a technique that’s perfectly appropriate, maybe that’s OK.For the last two years, the FBI has been quietly experimenting with drive-by hacks as a solution to one of law enforcement’s knottiest Internet problems: how to identify and prosecute users of criminal websites hiding behind the powerful Tor anonymity system.The approach has borne fruit—over a dozen alleged users of Tor-based child porn sites are now headed for trial as a result.And the shift is a direct response to Tor, the powerful anonymity system endorsed by Edward Snowden and the State Department alike.Tor is free, open-source software that lets you surf the web anonymously.


  1. Aug 5, 2014. Depending on the deployment, an NIT can be a bulky full-featured backdoor program that gives the government access to your files, location, web history and webcam for a month at a time, or a slim, fleeting wisp of code that sends the FBI your computer's name and address, and then evaporates.

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