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Alabama escort service dating internet service

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The FBI Hostage Rescue Team blew the doors off the bunker and shot dead the survivalist during the daring raid yesterday afternoon after footage from a secret hi-tech camera showed the boy’s life was in ‘imminent danger’.'He's laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal five-to-six-year-old young man to do.

He's very brave, he's very lucky, and the success story is that he's out safe and doing great.'For the past seven days the assembled media abided by the FBI’s requests to maintain the secrecy of the rescue by leaving unreported the movements of materials and manpower that went into the operation.

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The standoff between the FBI hostage team and the crazed survivalist who held five-year-old Ethan hostage in an underground bunker ended in a dramatic firefight in which Dykes fired the first shot before being quickly killed.


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