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At the time, Detective Constable Sally Prinsloo said the case highlighted 'a very worrying trend we have observed in the City and across the capital, with people, in this case Albanian males, who have entered the UK illegally, being employed to courier drugs to customers'.The Albanian Mafia (AM) or Albanian Organized Crime (AOC) are the general terms used for various criminal organizations based in Albania or composed of ethnic Albanians.Around half a kilo of cocaine was found hidden in the BMW glove box along with suspected false and fraudulently obtained ID documents which officers believe were being used by Lami.A number of mobile phones, drug paraphernalia and more fake identity documents were found at Lami's home address.London is their 'primary hub', the report says, but they are established across the UK.The report also said that Serbian and Turkish crime groups 'dominate high volume maritime cocaine logistics', while Turkish and Pakistani groups 'continue to dominate heroin trafficking to the UK'.VIII-VII lidhet dhe themelimi i Vlors dhe emri tipik ilir Aulona. Ajo permendt nga shume udhtare dhe kronikane t huaj si nj nga qytetet Skele kryesore te Ilirise se Jugut, q lulezoi pas renies se Apollonise dhe Orikut. Dhe vazhdimisht gjat mesjets, Aulona prmendet n listen e qyteteve bregtetare si Port i Rendsishem, me Detari t zhvilluar. II e.s, i cili prshkuan nj udhtim, q prfundon n ditn e dhjet pas rreziqeve t mdha n Vlor, n Aulona.

He was handed a six year sentence at Kingston Crown Court.

One of the main players, Mevlan Gjeta, 33, was last year jailed for eight years after a kilo of cocaine plus £55,000 were found at his flat.

Officers in London exposed an unrelated gang mainly consisting of illegal immigrants from Albania who controlled 'street level' cocaine dealers.

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Pra, kemi nj emr tipik ilir, i cili ndeshet n t njjtn form n Ilirin e athershme ,q pikrisht me kt talasokraci t shek. II dhe i pari q e prmnd sht Lukiani, nj mendje enciklopedike e shek.


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