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Angel lola luv who is she dating

From magazine covers, music videos, to pumping in the clubs, and now to the big screen, Angel Lola Luv is just beginning to take the industry by storm.Here’s more proof that singer Trey Songz is not gay: according to Internet reports, the R&B heart throb is set to wed his Ethiopian girlfriend, Helen. She’d see me and she’d just kind of brush me off, but I’d be trying to holler at her.According to Miss Mwabi, Helen is one of Chris Brown’s dancers. She’d see me with all different kinds of chicks and she wasn’t really feeling that.Trey seems to have a thing for the exotic beauties from Ethiopia like video model Lola Luv, whom he once dated. Teaming up with the undisputed mixtape giant Dj Fletch, Ms.Luv debuted a new mixtape this month, lyrically airing out the rumors and smacking the haters.The main character seemed to do a 180 degree turn for no reason and there was really no build up to that.

Monroe began writing poems and songs at the age of 12, using music as an escape and a form of expression She later became, Lo La Monroe, her name for rapping, the "Monroe" is directly related to the Actress, Model, Film Producer and Singer Marilyn Monroe; due to the fact the two share a similar story.That's where more character development could of come in..Monroe was born Fershgenet Melaku (Fershgenet meaning "Fruit of Heaven" and Melaku meaning "Angel"). In 2009, Monroe retired from modeling[ to concentrate on music.She released her first mixtape, Boss Bitch's World, in June 2009.Only four month's later in October she released her second mixtape titled, The Art of Motivation.What I got was a small town girl who got an opportunity of a lifetime, but blew it by biting the hand that fed her and ultimately making poor choices.Were her choices a result of what happened in her family, was her boyfriend abusing her?What would we do without the modern day 'blogging' phenomenon? Good, bad or indifferent, gossip sites are spewing with some facts, some fiction, and everything in between. Luv graced countless magazine covers, and featured in music videos with some of the top Hip Hop artists in the industry.It seems the rumor mills are all in love with the highly desired model and former video-vixen, Ms. But now she is embarking on a new career, from former video/print diva to sexy, sharp and sassy, rap diva.Well, sorry to disappoint our fellow bloggers, however Souljaboy Tell Em and Ms. He's a cool guy, but right now I'm more focused on upcoming films and my new album." Angel is currently working in the studio with several top named producers preparing for her debut album release in 2010. Luv aka Lola Monroe is still single while making major moves. Luv is making her big screen appearance starring alongside 50 Cent in the highly anticipated movie "Before I Self Destruct"? Nonetheless, ode to the blogs - keep the buzz going.The new mixtape "Bo$$ Bitch's World" is smoking (as mentioned in XXL, Hip-Hop Weekly, World Star Hip Hop, and on Sirius Satellite Radio).


  1. Trey Songz set to wed his Ethiopian girlfriend. DATE ANGEL LOLA LUV. becasue his girlfriend is Ethiopian like Angel and she did that.

  2. Washington, DC PRWEB July 29. Ms. Angel Lola Luv aka Lola Monroe. "Souljaboy and I are not dating.

  3. Point angel lola luv dating how to start a conversation with a girl online dating and trey. Ergebnisse zu angel sure they broke up now she got promoter.

  4. An aspiring ballerina, after a knee injury, ends up in a new career as a video girl. She soon figures out that fame is not all that it is cracked up to be.

  5. Did An Interview With The Lovely Angel Lola Luv. Angel Lola LuvLauren London. She got that. or if he was dating any of these chicks. if he is.

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