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Appledating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

The last time i cried this much was when i watched It's Okay It's Love, did not expect this drama to make me cry so much!!Love.drama so much.chemistry between sjs and sizzling..What I really love about most of the scenes with the leads is that they make it look romantic and cheesy, but it's kind of embarrassing I guess when they were filming it because it looks too cheesy, but my Venus, I'm satisfied with the cheesyness.The chemistry of the leads was wasted on this series.

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i'm not just the only one who really disliked this drama....?Gong Hyo Jin is so good in comedy, it may have bring out a different result with her cute & dumb expression - it's just my thought One of the best drama I have watched so far.awesome chemistry between costars...Very cute drama ......, A fan from India :) This drama is one of the best.To all you people...really sorry if I made a comment that really hurt your feelings...i was just all expressing my right as we're all living in a free world.To me this show is like a breath of fresh air from beginning to end.Not an award worthy but so much worthy for entertaining and got fun with the main characters.and dunno if it is just me but I don't really like that guy always calling min ah "Ma'am" he is so irritating , I think he went over hi role pretty much than what is needed ..Slowly catching back So Ji Sub 's filmography with lots of surprises and realities.So Ji-sub paired again in another story and many more.There's no 2nd lead syndrome, no b*tchy lady, no major family drama, no rich and poor or I left you cause your rich and your mom disapprove of us type of deal and so on.and .especially the " gesture" between Kim young ho and kang ju eun.brilliantly ..begin with cold/hard/so strictly following the rules..working out..dieting( no fast food) and never taking a "nap"or no leisure so dull and lifeless..


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