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Are brendon urie and sarah still dating

’” Sarah is Brendon’s wife and it is with her (and of course his two dogs, Bogart and Penny Lane) that he moved to the house some 18 months ago. “I moved to [trendy beach neighbourhood] Santa Monica for work initially because a few of the producers I know lived around there,” shrugs the frontman. People think because I grew up in Vegas I was raised on the strip partying it up in casinos, or that I’m obsessed with the bright lights of the city.Their former residence in Santa Monica was, by Brendon’s own admission “much smaller” than this three-bedroomed pad, and for the singer at least the more built up areas of L. But actually everything that’s not on that one main street is basically suburbs, so it fits in more with my sensibilities to be in the area we are in now – especially as I get older."I definitely used to drink to feel less nervous and be able to be a bit more sociable, but it was also because I was trying to do things in my early twenties that I don’t care about any more: I was trying to get laid, I was trying to network with people, and that’s changed over time. I was an asshole.” It’s a startling admission, but perhaps it shouldn’t be.I’ve managed to alter how I interact, I don’t have to down five shots just to start a conversation these days! After all, this is a man who found celebrity at the age of just 17, has had to live his formative years in the public glare and is only now, a decade down the line, finding confidence in himself and, truthfully, his art.On the second anniversary of the release of ' Death Of A Bachelor', take a trip into the Rock Sound archives and Brendon Urie's old house to find out how Panic! From the paving stones that bear the names of myriad superstars on the renowned Walk Of Fame, to the drop-top SUVs that rattle along every five minutes, boasting the chance to drive voyeuristically past celebrity mansions, one philosophy is palpably written into the manifesto of Hollywood and indeed the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles as a whole: it is a place built entirely on the allure and ethereal possibility – for the thousands of dream-chasing people drawn to the City Of Angels every year – of becoming a star. Take even a brief stroll around West Hollywood and you will sense it instantly.That’s what I’ve come back to in recent times and I feel really pleased about that. “I’ve always been a pretty happy guy…” he flashes that pearly grin again. There is a restful quiet that pervades the yard and as Brendon dips his toes and hands in the water to splash around it’s hard not to feel the weights of the regular world lifting from your shoulders.“But look around you, how could I not be happy here? Wandering barefoot around the edge of Brendon’s swimming pool – the very one which appears on the ‘…Bachelor’ front cover no less – it is easy to see why this neighborhood of L. And with his band’s success, or should we say his success, at an all time high, it would be very easy for the bequiffed frontman to comfortably look back on a period of remarkable achievement and rest comfortably on his laurels.

“This is where I wrote the title track to ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ and also ‘An Impossible Year’,” he notes before taking to the ivories and serenading us with a note-perfect, chocolate-smooth rendition of the former.“I’ve always wanted to be a crooner and I love that swagger period.I just find it fun to fuck around with ideas from a wide variety of musical styles,” shrugs Brendon when asked about his breadth of influences.With his singular vision firmly behind the wheel for the first time, ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ debuted on the Billboard 200 chart in the no.1 spot, selling 190,000 copies in its first week. In the period of my life I’m coming into now, I’m excited to see where I can step out and see how far I can step out.To put that into some context, Twenty One Pilots registered 147,000 with ‘Blurryface’ and All Time Low managed 75,000 with ‘Future Hearts’. I want to move into arenas that I haven’t explored yet.It’s a confidence that shows in just how readily he wears his diverse influences on his sleeve now.“This signed picture of Frank Sinatra was given to me as a gift on what would have been his 100th birthday,” he beams, leaping up from the piano and leaning on a wall near the entrance to a generously appointed open-plan kitchen.Time to put the feet up and celebrate creating what is essentially the biggest hit record in alternative music in the last five years? I’m interested in doing theatre, musical film, something in those worlds.I’m curious to see how far I can take it and who will let me take it there. I played in a jazz group doing some songs as part of an interactive play in New York recently and I loved it.But not all stars are to be found clustered in constellations with the rest, stamped into the side of dusty, tourist-trampled sidewalks. ” It’s almost impossible not to be dazzled by Brendon Urie on first impression. sunshine is a dimly lit L-shaped bunker with a leather sofa at one end, and a compact-but-impressive studio desk, flanked by a neon sign glaring the chuckle-inducing portmanteau ‘Urielectric’ set up at the other.Drive half an hour or so away from the Walk Of Fame’s garish hustle and bustle and you will find the home of one of rock’s most well-loved modern heroes. If his toothy, infectious smile doesn’t put you immediately at ease then the utterly carefree air with which he instantly starts cracking jokes will. Around the corner lurks a matte-black drum kit while the walls are lined with guitars, basses and microphones – a testament to the multi-instrumental talent Brendon has become over the years.


  1. Jul 29, 2013. I made this because i love them both, they're just too awesome right?

  2. Oct 8, 2013. Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco interview about Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die album, married life, Miley Cyrus Bangerz, Fall Out Boy. Married life is—Sarah and I have been together for five years now, and married almost 6 months. So it's been great, it hasn't been too different, the only.

  3. Nov 4, 2015. Needless to say, it's still subject to much conjecture and speculation. People still aren't. picture one proof sarah & b were at the adam levine party- “sarahurie Boo. Brendon Urie was probably at the same party because LA is a very popular place and he is becoming an increasingly more known artist.

  4. Jun 18, 2013. Sarah + Brendon Urie's chic Malibu wedding was filled with tons of gorgeous, classic details and some of the prettiest florals I've seen in a while! Saddlerock Ranch was the perfect place to bring their family + friends together for a sweet + meaningful celebration. They had a very talented team of vendors.

  5. Jun 20, 2016. It's a mini Panic! At The Disco reunion as Spencer and Linda tie the knot. Panic! At The Disco had something of a reunion this past weekend June 18th as former member Spencer Smith married his longtime girlfriend Linda Ignarro with several of his bandmates in attendance - including best man Brendon.

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