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However, Edge lost his title shortly afterwards to CM Punk.On the July 4 Smack Down, Edge took his frustrations for losing the World Heavyweight Championship out on Vickie by telling her the wedding was off.She also stated that at Unforgiven, she would force him to apologize to her, but at Unforgiven when The Undertaker did not comply, the Big Show knocked him out and Vickie spat in his face, turning heel once again.Big Show then aligned himself with Vickie, and for the next two weeks they continued to gloat at how they beat The Undertaker.

On February 23, 2009, she was appointed the interim General Manager of Raw during Stephanie Mc Mahon's absence.

After Undertaker attacked Chavo, Vickie pleaded with Undertaker for forgiveness for her actions.

Undertaker, however, once again hit her with a Tombstone Piledriver, forcing Vickie to rely on both a neckbrace and a wheelchair again.

At the end, he won the championship, and as he went to the back, he greeted Vickie with a hug.

On the December 5 Smack Down they shared a kiss, thus reinstating their on-screen relationship.


  1. The Undertaker is the apocalyptic warrior, a collector of souls whose mere presence scratches the spine with a visceral chill. This mysterious figure from Death.

  2. Where is the Undertaker. We have been missing him he is not on Smackdown on Friday nights or on Raw on Monday nights? We are wondering if he is hurt or on.

  3. Alicia Fox Says She's Back On The Market. Is Alicia Fox dating anyone? That’s one question on the minds of.

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