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Note : more info on Zappiti Player Quick Start Guide 7.

(Please set your Zappiti Player 4K resolution in "1080p @ 24Hz" mode). If you use it you could see the warning message "Fatal Error" when lauching Zappiti or Explorer app.

Reduced boot time of the Zappiti Player 4K (22 sec.) and "Zappiti on startup" launch (optional feature set in Zappiti / Menu / Settings). This mirroring feature is also available on Android tablets and smartphones via a dedicated app. Now 3D BD ISO in 23.976p are displayed without any shutter. Now the audio switch is full auto and works on Zappiti but also on the other apps such as Netflix or You Tube. Download: Zappiti Player 4K Firmware version "20150731 OS2 b3 beta"...

Whether they're from the big game or the latest trip, a must-see moment or just a bit of fun, you're only ever a few taps from taking your photos from the small screen in your hand to the big one in your living room. Now the outpout frequency is true 23.976 Hz instead of 24.00 Hz. Fix no sound of AAC / MP3 / MPEG-AUDIO when HDMI Passthrough is enabled. (Please set your Zappiti Player 4K resolution in "1080p @ 24Hz" mode to use this feature). Download: Zappiti Player 4K Firmware version "20150825 OS2 b4 beta"... Adding a new feature to easy switch (toggle) from Bitstream to Downmix audio mode by using "Delete" button of the remote control. Improvement of the timeline display and fix a display problem that occurs when using the fast forward / backward (Up/Down/Left/Right button of the remote control). Adding a new feature to reset audio / video sync by pressing 2 times the button "Delete".

Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new Blu-ray player model. What you need: We recommend you use the internet to update if you can. You'll download the update to your computer, transfer it to a USB memory device, then transfer it to your Blu-ray player.

If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have: We recommend this method as it's the simplest way to update. First set up the equipment, then download the update over the internet to your Blu-ray player.


  1. Extends Ultra HD Blu-ray compatibility Japan and North America. Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new Blu-ray player model. If the version. The x changes to 0 and goes up to 100 during the update process; To complete the update, the player will automatically turn off and restart. - Don't.

  2. Jan 9, 2009. The computer came with the blu-ray player LG GBC-H20N and I installed the GGW-H20L burner yesterday. So where is this software on the disk? It's not on the auto-run menu, unless it's installed with one of the other choices. I've been looking through the folders on the disk, but haven't seen anything.

  3. System Firmware Update Instructions For Models BDP-05FD/BDP-51FD NOTE - If you have any difficulty carrying out these instructions, please contact Pioneer. Press the "Blue" button on the remote control. Q After the firmware update the player operates abnormally and/or won't play certain Blu-ray, DVD, or CD discs.

  4. Nov 16, 2017. This Spider-Man Homecoming sequence looks far better on Xbox One X's 4K Blu-ray drive than it did before, following the latest Xbox firmware update. Now Microsoft has rolled out that promised fix to all Xbox owners, as part of the latest OPTIONAL, meaning you need to access it yourself via the console's.

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