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A measure proposed by Representatives Bill Brewster, Democrat of Oklahoma, and Duncan Hunter, Republican of California, to scrap the bipartisan compromise and approve a plan with no money for so-called prevention programs -- and no ban on assault weapons -- failed, 232 to 197.Thirty Republicans joined with 201 Democrats and 1 independent to beat back that effort, which would have cost .5 billion and directed billion to community policing, while the compromise bill has .8 billion for that.The bill that passed trimmed the original package from .5 billion, with nearly two-thirds of the cuts from prevention programs that Republicans had branded as useless welfare spending.The bill keeps the provision for 100,000 new police officers, expands the death penalty to cover more than 50 Federal crimes and bans the sale and possession of 19 assault weapons. 21— With the vital support of Republicans, House Democrats today achieved what they could not do on their own, passing a .2 billion anti-crime package and sending it to the Senate.The vote gave President Clinton the most tortuous legislative victory of his Administration.Indeed, after the vote, when Representative Christopher Shays, a Republican of Connecticut who had labored hard on the bipartisan package, was asked if this process could serve as a model for health care, said, "Don't get carried away." In fact, passage of the crime bill owed more to electoral realities than any sudden outbreak of bipartisan comity on Capitol Hill.Neither Republicans nor Democrats wanted to go into elections this fall and explain why they had been responsible for failure of a bill that polls show is of the highest importance to voters.

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But she did not necessarily see that as the harbinger of a bipartisan honeymoon.

It's who you are and how you want to be perceived by others." On the Chanel Spring 2015 feminist march: "Karl said to me 'Caroline are you free? I never would have known back then that I needed a nose job."On how fashion has changed: "Fashion is now part of pop culture.

With social media it now belongs to everybody and it wasn't like that at the time [in the '90s]"On Paris vs.

"This is, however, on balance, and narrowly so, a smart and a tough bill," said Mr.

Dingell, who added that he was quitting the association.


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