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Black woman dating white man 20

He says, when Chris Rock does it, it’s okay, why isn’t it okay for Peggy Sue.He continues to say that if you are a strong black woman you wouldn’t be offended.I’m disappointed that the guy (as remedial as he comes off in this video) didn’t think for one minute that this was NOT okay to say.He didn’t stop her, in fact he laughed & encouraged her while giving her a few ideas and talking points.

You can pull it all day long and it’s not going anywhere. I guess that makes her argument null and void after the first 30 seconds.

I hope he realizes that Peggy Sue truly believes what she is saying.

This video isn’t called “Why black men don’t date hood rats” or “Why black men only date strong black women”, its about why black women aren’t preferred over white women PERIOD!

I see it all the time, a dark skin black woman of 100% african decent having NO issues getting a man in a world that supposedly favors the racially ambiguous.

So Susie Q, next time you think to answer why black men date white girls, get some better black people around you. To answer the question: Why do black men date white women? You can find the man behind this video @jwadgallery still unaware he did anything wrong.


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