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Today just about every African-American family tree has an Indian branch.The number of Afro-Americans with an Indian ancestor was once estimated at about one third of the total. This means that an important page in history has been missing.From their first day maroon colonies faced enormous problems.They had to quickly find a safe location, plan a defense, feed and clothe their people, and plan the life of a stable community.Maroons considered each day of survival a small miracle, and were thankful for each new dawn as free men and women.Some colonies were begun a single African or Indian, and otheres were the result of several or many slaves fleeing together.

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Salli Richardson is well established as a mixed actress - she was in Sioux City where she played NA. The official site - this one seems to be either down or experiencing problems!!!! I'm kicking myself for not archiving her official site while it was still on the air, but at least I saved a "free" image, so that I can use it now!

I do make mistakes, so please correct me and help me make this a better site.

Native Celebs is about Native American Indians in the entertainment industry.

Women were usually in short supply, and many maroon raids sought to bring back African or Indian wives.

Families meant that communities would last, remain at peace, and that their soldiers would fight harder because their loved ones and children were at risk.


  1. Jan 21, 2010. Isn't that term out of date? As you can. The 1970 data item was still called “color or race” with the following response categories “White, Negro or Black, Indian Amer. Japanese. The three Native American categories were grouped together as “American Indian or Alaska Native” with a write-in of tribe.

  2. May 30, 2014. They shot the cover three days later, and spent a year being friends before they started dating. Since music is such an integral part of their lives, it was perfect when Christian proposed to Isadora at a Jazz Festival in New Orleans. Isadora recalls, “It was after he played a beautiful rendition of the song he.

  3. If you know I have a history, you will respect me,”. a Black Indian student told a conferenceof New York teachers two decades ago. Some colonies were begun a single African or Indian, and otheres were the result of several or many slaves fleeing together. From their first day maroon colonies faced enormous problems.

  4. Apr 9, 2005. I changed a few words to sew it together Strode was definitely part Native American and made no qualms about it. He was in the NCAA, NFL, Canadian Football League, Actors and Stuntment Halls of Fame and did such classic films as "Spartacus," "Sergeant Rutledge" and "Once Upon a Time in the West.".

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