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Now voucau j Jiavc tnd kik Mr yttm Sue will both feel /i^ood and look good! Ferrrll In Form BOSTON, May 27 (AP).— Wea Perrell, Cleveland pitching ace, shut oul the Boston Red Sox today.

Here's the one shave cream for Quicks Cool, Smooth Shaves MLi N. Chicago 11 19 0 New York 18 7 1 Batteries — Lyc Mis aad Ofttbi; Brennan and Dickey.

Rowe made no effort to block, thinking the ball iras going wide of the net, Sbor Uir After, Chapman ihoi w Mi on a pam from Price, while the greenshirts engi- neered a nice attack, which Robin- son, Okell and Connorton figured In. Minutes later, Connor- ton raced fa-st down his wing to take Roblasons pass and centrrd beautifully from a difficult angle, but Rcstall cleared. Wilson and General Money were next with 51 antf 41 1-2, and Mrs. Bdtty: "Cook, let's play that I'm a f wightful-looking twau H^ X knock at the door an' ask you for a piece df cake, an' you sat tawvlflad an' give it me." An NMall Mr9Ml "VICTOR" RADIO Ou U. Phone E 6013 Stella Walsh U Credited With a i Veir Truck Murk ORUDZIONDZ. May 27 (AP).— Stanislawa Walasiewics .inese nine handed the Eagles a decisive frlmmln;{ and today they will he out to humble the mnch- Im proved Ronebnds. Jones, first-string hurler In the Buds' camp is expected to go to t Jie hillock against the Taiyos Wally Scott, diminutive blonde, will be at the receiving end.

defend In K (illist, ,iii(t Miss Shirley Dav Bryden and Jac .second wl Ui 45 a Vd Mary Money and R. Baker took third place with 47 and 40, while Mtf N.

The result is a ddfcr, das&er, qnidcer, .&r mocs oofflfbctable shave. twelve runs In the seaaon'a bigsrest total, and won the seeand gt^me of their .series.

P.ilmolivc Shave Cream actuailv softens and soochet yottt tun. 6-0, and for food measure drove in two of the runs himself.

titleholder in lt25, reeled off a of Mrdlea j Bst when Iheyj a eraah fle M f«r the ■wliapell- tan apen ehaanrtanshlp. like Runyan, a Ryder Cup teaig member Eight .strokes behind itie leader al rkiitr R madf a .spectacular Wd to up a wide gap.

He sank %ix and elf ht foot putts for birdie lhrr«-s on Ihr U«t two.' hole* for a furl tier ntiirid wore' of 72, a •evrritv t»(i holr count of 291 and a Irad of one stroke overt Paul Kunyan, White Plalaa starj «hn has been naassd lo tta Ryder Cap sgoad. and br*^jr RACr— Clafantaw •r-e Ms a Mi o Mcr; sis f thirty yar^ 8337 Dinger Pyle ... Tlip Victoria aide were In diffi- culties from the start. Hawea tt,.,„ H Cadet Sworder ri Cadet Spencer 35 Cadet Chapman 35 Cadet Reynolds 33 Cadet Lieut. lloffatt took four ihokats for 19 and Oaont WUktaiaa time for 15. Buchanan 41 Cadet Bonar -imj ^sx , 40 Cadet Captain Bovey r — 40 Cadet Lieut. m thrf* farloi^ 117 117 117 •112 112 •113 112 two under par fdg the Winged -Poe Counirv CTub OOOn O, In the thin round this moi Rlag. while Consldine, Baiss and Slater also batted well. Percy Payne had another field day with the ball in the match against Vletorla, taking eight wlck- eu for » nma. l fx* ahlf to offer Tip l op (.uiored- to tncistirr »lo(hc-i ,it ptcsonf prur. b Pa ynp _ 4 Barker-Starkey, atpd Oomlcy, b Psyne 14 Wllklnaon. 0 Mc Oowaa, b Qoakilon IVital Ellsworth Vines Is Hard Pressed in Singles — Rain Intereferes J^O"^ fonp ui! r n to ortlrr now, to make itl M of .*a\ini: ni«' Ic in sev- eral nice shiidet, srllin tr at .1 ji pular price . 3321 Salty 113 3328 Seths BOCOO 113 3323 Bellafion a ift 8331 Harcum l Og (3811) Queen of Proaeer 108 880T Flashy 108 S310 Maurice Ed •108 3318 Satiii I'liiicess IQJ SEVENTH BACE-Clalmll Mr; ff T tbree-year-o Ma aai a Mart aae MHa and seventy yarda. liuows My r Captur M Metropo UUu) Open Golf TWe With 29T-^aul Runyan Seoond 1 1 M A VH»K«». *UM (SSIS) Oai Mua Latr h8 SIXTH RACE— Clalmint: thg Mk year-«MB and elder; one mile. PYrddy Price hit the post a few seconds before the halftime whistle. St before the interval by clearing when Rowe was out of his net. lit 3331 Highway Iff 3311 Namiia D ft Flrat Race, 2.30 p.m. 3326 Altavar 11.1 Argue 113 (331»» Architect 'l OO (3321) Super Paahlon .........


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