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Bsd pkgupdating file

When installing from a remote source you need to specify the protocol to use when fetching the package.Currently supported protocols are FTP, HTTP and HTTPS.pkg (aka pkgng) 1.0 released is a quick overview of pkgng, how to use it and some of the new features that will be available.You might find the official wiki page interesting reading if you haven’t seen it already, pkgng – Free BSD Wiki.

DESCRIPTION pkg add installs a package from either a local source or a remote one.First let’s install pkgng, (should we be calling it simply ‘pkg’?), it is in the Free BSD ports tree and you can find it under ‘ports-mgmt/pkg‘.The original /var/db/pkg directory is backed up by pkg2ng to /var/db/When you make install a new port, the Free BSD ports system will register the newly installed port with pkg_*.Free BSD has been long due a better package management system, pkg_add, pkg_info, etc just doesn’t cut it any more.For a long time GNU/linux users have always used this as a reason not to use Free BSD and instead favour some GNU/linux combination with an all encompassing easy to use package manager, such as Debian’s apt-get.Free BSD’s response has always been, (not actual quote), “We have the ports collection, which is cooler and more flexible than just having some easy to use package manager.You can always do it yourself by writing scripts around the pkg_* tools or using portmaster’s –packages-only option”.To make the ports instead register with pkg you need to make an add WITH_PKGNG=yes to This is one of the reasons why you cannot use pkgng with the official mirrors yet, this package ‘repo.txz’ and therefore the file ‘repo.sqlite’ does not exist yet.Assuming you have PACKAGESITE setup as described in the section or set to a similar package site, maybe your own?


  1. The Log-Structured File System or LFS is an implementation of a log-structured file system originally developed for BSD. It was removed from FreeBSD and OpenBSD; the NetBSD implementation was nonfunctional until work leading up the 4.0 release made it viable again as a production file system. Designedit. Most of.

  2. Feb 12, 2018. List files installed by a package. pkg info -l packagename. Upgrade single package with dependencies. make -C /usr/ports/category/port build deinstall reinstall. pkg upgrade packagename. Upgrade all packages. portmaster -a ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster. pkg upgrade. Delete automatically installed.

  3. Feb 13, 2012. It is important to check the /usr/ports/UPDATING file for any changes to a package that might require extra actions or things to be aware of before you upgrade it. pkg updating provides a way of searching this file using the pkg CLI. Running pkg updating with no options will print out the entire file, but you can.

  4. When -I is used, versions of installed packages will be compared to the versions listed in the file argument index, or if that is not given explicitly, in the default ports. pkg-search8, pkg-set8, pkg-shell8, pkg-shlib8, pkg-ssh8, pkg-stats8, pkg-update8, pkg-updating8, pkg-upgrade8, pkg-which8 FreeBSD 11.1.

  5. The maintainer alias of the mk file is listed below in the. # FreeBSD_MAINTAINER entry. You should consult them if you have any. # questions/suggestions regarding this file. #. # DO NOT COMMIT CHANGES TO THIS FILE BY YOURSELF, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT GET. # A RESPONSE FROM THE MAINTAINERS.

  6. Dec 10, 2017. Processing entries 100% FreeBSD repository update completed. 27001 packages processed. Updating local repository catalogue. pkg Repository local load error access repo file/var/db/pkg/repo-local.sqlite failed No such file or directory pkg file///usr/ports/packages/meta.txz No such file or directory

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