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The force posted images of officers pampering themselves with the catchline ‘Let’s Nail It’.When the campaign provoked an angry backlash the force encouraged people who were criticised to report comments as a ‘hate crime’.Male officers from South Wales Police – as well as the force’s police and crime commissioner – posed in women’s shoes yesterday to highlight the issue of domestic violence.It was also revealed this week that stressed-out officers are recovering from tragedies by cuddling puppies.Organisers will now have to find £800 to pay for a private traffic management company or cancel the annual march to honour the fallen.Jock Bryson, 82, who organises the poppy appeal in Melton Mowbray, Leics, said: ‘I feel disgusted that people went to war and gave their lives and now, all of a sudden, as we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the police are saying they are not going to help us.’Police insisted budget cuts and reduced numbers meant officers had to be deployed where risk is greatest.This also means that person can say no to further continuance once any sexual activity has already begun.

A major Remembrance Day parade is under threat after police said they could no longer afford to marshal it.Sexual assault is a difficult crime to prove as there are rarely witnesses, there is not always physical evidence of the crime, and sexual assault myths affect the efficacy of the criminal justice system.These contexts continue to deter survivor-victims from reporting sexual assault, in particular if their offender is known to them.This isn’t fair, and minimizes the perpetrator’s responsibility for obtaining clear consent.Any altered state that inhibits someone’s ability to say NO does not constitute consent. They may freeze in terror or realize that the overwhelming size and strength of their attacker makes resistance very dangerous.Spousal relationships, including arranged marriage or any other relationship that implies indebtedness does not constitute consent to sexual activity.Sexual activity cannot be expected or condoned in advance.women and men may experience sexual harassment in employment “but women tend to be more vulnerable to it because they often hold lower-paying, lower-authority and lower-status jobs compared to men” (Ontario Human Rights Commission); in addition, female employees are vulnerable to being targeted for vexatious comments and behaviors rooted in sexist and conservative attitudes about work, women and gender roles.They are looking for cheap wins.’Tory MP Peter Bone accused the police of ‘playing games’.He added: ‘Most people think police should be out on the beat catching criminals and deterring crime, not doing silly stunts.‘With limited resources I am sure police officers would rather be out catching criminals than taking part in a publicity stunt.’In Avon and Somerset, police went out on patrol wearing neon nail varnish to raise awareness of modern-day slavery.The Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women found that 38% of sexually assaulted women were assaulted by their husbands, common-law partners or boyfriends.Although illegal in Canada since 1983, few of these assaults are reported to police. This means consent ceases to be present if someone changes his/her mind.


  1. Misconceptions about the use of alcohol and/or substances and sexual violence shift the blame to the victim/survivor. This isn’t fair, and minimizes the perpetrator.

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  3. Whenever a mass shooting occurs, a debate about gun violence ensues. An often-cited counter to the point about the United States’ high rates of gun homicides is.

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