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Cd abbreviation dating

As there are no lexicons available for such material, the researcher must make his or her own judgement on them, after careful examination.

(NB illustrative examples will be added in due course.) See also my recommendations for TLG and PHI search software.

Take this sample data from our runtime tests: This runtime chart tells us the following information: Based on the runtime graph, we can say that flashlight 2 is a better choice than flashlight 1, and flashlight 3 is the good choice for extended runtime (in fact, flashlight 1 and 2 are actually the same flashlight using different batteries, but that’s the topic for another article).

These observations would not be possible with just a runtime rating, which is why conduct our own independent ANSI FL1-compliant testing and include runtime graphs in our reviews to supplement the FL1 Standard Runtime.

Thus, the candela per lumen (cd/lm) ratio can be used to determine if a flashlight has a spot- or flood-type beam.

Brightness, as we think of it in everyday terms, is actually a difficult measurement to grasp numerically.

Adherence to the FL1 Standard is voluntary, although the vast majority of manufacturers have adopted the standard.

Occasional drops shouldn’t be an issue, but repeated stress can cause damage that may lead to erratic operation or failure.

Our advice would be to treat LED flashlights like any other electronic device and avoid drops or other damage if possible.

Beam distance is calculated from peak beam intensity, so there is actually no new information here.

In addition, a full moon on a clear night is not really a useful amount of light, so don’t put too much weight on this specification.


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