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Celibacy and christian dating

As one participant said, we constantly have to renew our minds with the word of God.

For the people in this chat, being celibate is a way of life until marriage and even if we never get married because its what God requires of us as Christians. We talked about the difficulty or the ease of living a celibate life. I would say difficult because of the outside influences (media, people, etc but it’s not as difficult like people make it out to be.” We live in a sex crazed world. Its even played out in what used to be innocent TV commercials.

I also ask God to remove him from my life if his intentions are not pure. For me, that’s how I spot a predator or a man who isn’t truly walking with God. Unless we’re getting married, there’s no reason to be in each others lives.

Below are three takeaways to help you in your walk of celibacy: Something to think about… That’s why I chose the topic “To Date or Not To Date’ for the next chat.

I believe for Christians, if we are serious about obedience to God in this area of our lives, its not wise to be in a committed relationship with someone who is not Gods choice.

Singleness is the default status in modern society.


  1. Cormie shares her testimony and experience with online dating and celibacy. I hope this video inspires someone. Thanks for the love and support. Subscribe.

  2. Celibacy from Latin. citation needed A few minor Christian sects advocate celibacy as a better way of life. These groups included the Shakers.

  3. Singleness is the default status in modern society. We spend extended years living at home to pay off graduate debts and, when we finally fly the nest, all too often.

  4. We made a vow unto God and waited 14 months until our wedding day! Like and Subscribe! _____

  5. Sex and the single Christian Why celibacy isn’t the only option. Single. Christian. In church, being overweight and dating feels like a sin.

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