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During the ultrasound, the nurse said the images weren't clear and she needed to do a transvaginal scan.

"She didn't explain anything or say, 'We're going to stick this cone inside you,'" Nicole says, agitated.

South Dakota doesn't have any doctors who do abortions; physicians fly in from surrounding states.

With limited scheduling, the Sioux Falls Planned Parenthood is often booked weeks in advance.

That means women who live in the state's western reaches must make four drives, totaling 24 hours, or be away from home for at least three days — weekends and holidays don't count toward the waiting period.

Women pay for a hotel, miss school or work, find child care or bring kids.

The nurse displayed the embryo on a scren, pointed to its features, and printed the images.

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Nicole says, "The nurse really, really slowed down during the fetal pain part. The baby feels everything you're feeling.'" They told Nicole having an abortion might complicate future pregnancies and cause suicidal thoughts — both common myths.Then once a month, she called from a restricted number and left messages saying, "I just want to chitchat." Annoyed, Nicole never answered or complained.The calls kept coming all the way until February — around when she would have delivered.Last year, I attended Heartbeat International's annual conference, where nurses told me that birth control "introduces too many chemicals into your body" and that women "never recover" emotionally from abortion.The anti-abortion movement regularly presents pregnancy centers as a scattering of kindly women working with shoestring budgets.Many pregnancy-center counselors, even those who provide medical information, are not licensed.And even some workers who are licensed, such as nurses and ultrasound technicians, repeat myths about abortion and contraception.In Rapid City one Thursday last summer, a 26-year-old bartender and student I'll call Nicole — her middle name — had a positive pregnancy test.Usually even-keeled, almost unflappable, Nicole says that afternoon, "I was just bawling." But as soon as she "got over the initial shock," she knew she wanted an abortion.As abortion regulations shutter medical clinics offering the full range of options, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy finds herself in a very different landscape, one in which a pregnancy center is her most visible, most affordable — and sometimes the only — place to turn. Nationwide, anti-abortion centers now outnumber abortion clinics 3 to 1.They're in all kinds of towns, from Beverly Hills, California, to Shreveport, Louisiana.


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