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Larger organizations have more complex content management needs, whether they include maintaining several regional websites with shared resources, or improving collaboration between distinct business units.The needs of your organization will determine the best type of content management system for your business.Creating an account is free and HIMSS membership is not required.Please help us obtain readership demographics and create your account today.The first step in choosing the right one is to familiarize yourself with the different options available on the market today.Below is a list of the major categories: Manages content at the component level and stores it only one time as a single source for maximum content reuse and delivery to multiple media channels (i.e., print, Web, mobile devices, PDF, and more) - Vasont fits in here!The Group has a diversified portfolio of health supplements, drugs and sports nutrition products, with some key brands including “Granions” (oligotherapy, mono ingredient and nutritional supplements), “Chondrostéo” (market leader in Joint Care food supplements) “Conceptio” (reproduction related food supplements) and “EAFit” (market leader in Sports Nutrition and Active Slimming products).Equilibre Attitude distinguishes itself with a medical approach to food supplements, offering formulations supported by scientific evidence of effectiveness (AMM, clinical studies, patented ingredients, etc.).

The OIG found that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) paid clinical laboratories and physician offices .3 million dollars for specimen validity testing billed in conjunction with urine drug tests.

It concluded that these payments were made because the providers did not follow existing Medicare guidance.

Read article As an insurance broker specializing in medical professional liability insurance, I am often asked this question.

View OJNI Readers Digest: Volume 18 Number 3Uses a standard implementation methodology guided by diffusion of innovation concepts to implement real-time point of care documentation [Lisa Anne Bove, Diane Humbrecht, Susan Kristiniak, Julie Thompson and Dori Taylor Sullivan].

Miraculous things happen in medicine in the United States every day, but health care remains a key issue for Americans because it can often be expensive, hard to access, and frequently unsafe with highly variable quality and patient and staff satisfaction.


  1. Oct 1, 2014. Web consolidation projects provide an incredible opportunity for cutting expenses, improving performance, and simplifying content management across websites. Here are 7 key. many CMSs? Would it be possible to reduce the number of systems you maintain and standardize on a few, if not just one?

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