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The key here is to make sure every audio file is imported with timing intact.This is not usually done unless:* the exact start position is logged, and the new file is specifically placed exactly at that location, or;* all files begin at the exact same time.The downside to the consolidated audio file approach is that plugins and plugin setting do not get translated.These will need to be manually recreated, or else saved as presets and imported along with the raw audio and MIDI files.

Since most applications automatically import file to begin at the start of the session, it is best to consolidate these file to all begin exactly at the beginning of the session.Select the Glue tool and click on one of the regions of the track - Logic will throw up a dialog box informing you that you are about to create a new audio file. WAY more involved than PT's Consolidate, but it'll work fine. I do this with each track individually and they line up perfectly in PT. it will automatically start each track from bar one and it does not export effects, volume or panning. if you want to bounce with effects , panning and volume then solo one track at a time and do an offline bounce, which will be faster. These allow you to render audio or Audio Instrument tracks with all active effects and automation into a single new audio file." Export menu also features several Export functions for Regions and tracks. copy Yeah, it is faster in PT, but let´s not start debating pros and cons of different daws.The problem with the "Bounce" command is that it will bounce plug-ins on that track with the audio and bounce automation. if you have outboard efx then you gotta do it real time. These allow you to render audio or Audio Instrument tracks with all active effects and automation into a single new audio file." I have no idea Lagerfeldt, you tell me, I guess you could indeed make as many new tracks as you need and then just drag all the audio to those empty tracks, but then you'd still have to name them properely (or doesn't the exports get named after their tracks), so I think that the other suggestion (disabling everything) is faster, or did you mean something else... I was trying to glue stuff the other day and it was doing some wierd stuff. pid=2036 Make the mixing process easier and free up some space in your tracking window by combining different tracks and onto one track using Pro Tools.Online.is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world and teaching online music production, music business, songwriting, guitar, bass, music theory, arranging and performance. pid=2036 Tutorials on mixing, mastering and producing music in Pro Tools with plugins from Waves, Fab Filter, Sound Toys, Softube, Sonnox, PSP, Slate Digital and more.If the starting point is not important you can use the glue function to merge the audio files.There's also the Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files, which won't glue them but make individual new copies., Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Curt Frye helps dispel the common fear of the Pivot Table feature, by demonstrating how to use this powerful tool to discover valuable business intelligence.Curt shows how to create Pivot Table reports from internal Excel data and outside data sources, use filters to focus on the most important data in the sheet, and make visual presentations of data using Pivot Chart reports. Start your free month on Linked In Learning, which now features 100% of courses.Click the track, and all the regions on it are selected, then click the selected regions with the glue tool.The regions will be combined into one whole region and will replace the other regions in the arrange page.


  1. Since pro Tools is a proprietary. and can be accomplished by consolidating/exporting/bouncing/rendering each audio and. MIDI files will need to be handled in.

  2. If you have not been consolidating and deleting files as you have been recording they can end up being 10 times or. Pro Tools Tip Of The Day Pro Tools.

  3. Logic Pro "consolidating" tracks;. Then hand over the files to Pro Tools and everything should be. thanks so much for your thoughtful help on the consolidating.

  4. I quite often do projects in a Pro Tools HD studio. Consolidating tracks. To move the audio files from a Logic song into a new PT session.

  5. Join Curt Frye for an in-depth discussion in this video Consolidating data from multiple sources. Exercise files accompany this course. Pro Tools 8 Essential.

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