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Lacking true conducting tissues, mosses mostly absorb water directly through the stem and leaves.Many botanists believe that mosses evolved from primitive vascular plants (ie, those having true conducting tissues).Others argue that they developed from some green algal ancestor.Mosses are thought to be a reduced group, which lost much evolutionary potential by having a dominant gametophyte generation and by lacking specialized conducting tissues (a factor limiting size).Mosses grow in many places but prefer moist, shady habitats.A few are aquatic (especially water mosses, genus ).Uses - for filling holes and, in combination with reinforcement rods, for structural repair of timber and masonry, including concrete.Self leveling, self degassing (bubbles of air, trapped during mixing, will rise to the surface and escape)A two part, (two gels) thick injection resin.

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There are over 10 000 species worldwide of which about 1250 occur in North America.Mosses are the largest and most highly developed group of division Bryophyta (which also includes liverworts and hornworts).Bryophytes are sometimes known as the "amphibians of the plant world" because of their dependence on water for sexual reproduction.Some mosses reproduce asexually by gemmae (small groups of cells produced on the gametophyte tissues) or by bulbils (small, deciduous shoots) found in leaf axils.Most mosses can also reproduce by fragmentation, ie, the breaking off of almost any plant part, which then grows into a new plant.The gametophyte has rhizoids (rootlike structures that attach the plant to its substrate), a simple or branched stem, and small leaves (mostly only one cell thick).The sporophyte has a foot embedding it into the gametophyte and a spore capsule usually borne on a stalk (seta).Dung mosses grow only on dung or other nitrogen-rich substrates.Peat mosses (genus ) accumulate into deposits that may be several hundred metres thick. Mosses, an important part of the ground cover in the boreal coniferous forests, are also a conspicuous part of arctic tundra or mountain vegetation.Mosses occur in several growth forms, the more common being turfs, cushions, mats and wefts.Individual plants are usually closely associated and several hundreds may be found in a single turf or cushion.


  1. A question frequently posed to our technical staff is "can I thin West System epoxy so it will flow or. like consolidating a large pocket of rotted wood.

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  3. Unless the wood is badly. robust enough to use before consolidating them. The wood can then be treated as follows clean out all of the dirt and rotten wood;

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