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Couple prayer dating couples

Yet, each is dependent upon the life and character of their founder, whether literal or spiritual, as the source that fundamentally shapes their way of life.

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From this communal moment, the Carmelite is called to go into the world and minister; even the hermits on Mount Carmel cared for pilgrims in the Holy Land.

The idea of cultivating friendship with God, connected with the importance of the Carmelite cell, offers us at least three key points to consider when crafting cell for prayer: It is within a person’s domicile that the person will need to find and craft their cell: a space within a space.

Just as Jesus went off to pray, we to must go off and pray.

Near the end of the day, the three points are reversed: the Carmelite moves from the world back to the community and then to their own cell.

These places of encounter in the local community and world are the nectar by which the Carmelite offers up to the Lord in their cell. Because it is God alone who can transform that nectar into honey.


  1. The cell is the center not only of the Carmelite’s prayer life but also of Carmelite spirituality. But even laypersons can have a “space within a space” in.

  2. Cohabitation Before Marriage This pastoral letter was issued by the Kansas Bishops to engaged couples who cohabit and to those involved in their marriage preparation.

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