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8 cents at the contemporary unofficial rate) upon entry which was then given to the women who serviced them.

The women, who usually had between 15 and 60 clients per day, would take the tickets to the station's accounting office each morning where they would receive Women working in RAA facilities faced the usual sexual violence common to prostitution in the sex trade.

On September 20, 1945, the first brothel for the 350,000 US troops in Japan was opened.

Named Komachi Garden, or 'Babe Garden', it was closed down on March 27, 1946 to stop the spread of VD.

At the inauguration of the RAA (which was attended by bureaucrats and police officials), an "oath" was read: And so we unite and go forward to where our beliefs lead us, and through the sacrifice of several thousands of "Okichis of our era" build a breakwater to hold back the raging waves and defend and nurture the purity of our race, becoming as well an invisible underground pillar at the root of the postwar social order...

we are but offering ourselves for the defense of the national polity.

Although arrangements in most of the country were left to local officials and police departments, in the case of the Tokyo area, which was to host the largest number of foreign troops by far, a different approach was taken.

Nobuya Saka, Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, met with Hamajirō Miyazawa and Genjirō Nomoto, the heads of the Tokyo Restaurant Association , and asked them to help make arrangements for the soon to arrive troops.

Many of the victims were induced to create a "Labour Union", which then allowed them to be further targeted as the Korean war developed.

These boasted of generous work conditions (free accommodation, meals, and clothes) while avoiding details concerning the nature of the work.

Given the widespread poverty and food shortages at the time, and the large number of orphaned and widowed young women, the job offers appeared quite attractive.

Women working as dancers were especially vulnerable targets for rape.

Additionally, military police and GIs sometimes demanded free service or refunds.


  1. Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League and consistently ranks among the world’s greatest academic institutions. Dartmouth has forged a singular.

  2. Dartmouth waterfront, showing Alderney Landing. and a molasses plant dating back to the days of the triangular trade with the West Indies. Today.

  3. It’s indicative of a larger cultural shift where, particularly with women, we’re no longer expected to go to college to get our ‘MRS. degree’— to find a.

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