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Dating a drug dealer

Just a note about the “could weed be legal in his state” comment – my understanding is that even in the states where recreational marijuana is legal to possess, it is not legal to sell/buy it except through very specific channels. If this guy is living in one of those states, he’d probably say he works at a dispensary rather than calling himself a drug dealer.

It fits the bill, I can imagine someone telling a girl online that he works in a drugstore, girl asking if he really sells drugs for a living, of course he does.

I’m not saying it’s great or right, but I’m not sure that the issue is really as big as it initially sounds.

(Would a big time, dangerous drug dealer really tell his online girlfriend??

) The term drug dealer can apply to a dangerous brute as much as to a nerd with a bit of weed.

(Also, do we know if he might actually live in a state where weed is legal?

“An overdose outbreak of similar magnitude in New York City (population 8.4 million) would affect more than 4,400 people,” according to a Washington Post analysis. It’s why parents like Ms Louden have turned to one of the few things in their control — the Internet.You only knew when they know but you couldn’t tell just by loooking at them.And they weren’t big in business, doing super criminal things, they basically brought a bit of weed to school -but technically they were drug dealers.And she should be worried, since the Au Pair’s friend is putting herself and her group of Au Pairs in a potentially compromising position. The new wrinkle: It’s not an escort service, driving drunk, or dating a married guy — it’s dating a drug dealer. Last week she told me that one of her friends (a fellow au pair) met a guy online, who lives out of state, and happens to be a drug dealer.Our au pair shared that she does not think this is a good idea, but didn’t say much else.So it could very well be a guy who has sold some pot at home, to some of his friends or whatever. I agree one hundred percent that if drugs are going to be brought into a HF’s home, the HF should know about it…but it doesn’t say that that’s what’s happening. You meet a chick online and arrange to visit overnight. I’m sure he has a recreational agenda and will come prepared for any considered possibilities including recreational drug use.And if there are no drugs in the HF’s home, I don’t think what the guy does at home, in another state will be the HF’s concer, will it? In addition to the drugs in the house scenario, one needs to also think about the HF vehicle– AP driving HF vehicle, driving boyfriend who has drugs on him.I never rule out language misunderstanding, au pairs are usually quite fluent in English but there’s so much idiom they don’t have yet.It would certainly be an amazing twist, and a twist I hope for, a real drugs dealer would be horrible.Finally, I don’t want my au pair to be exposed to any danger by being friends with this other au pair .I am concerned about this friendship that my au pair has with the other au pair, as the other au pair is not exhibiting very good judgment. She’s already worried and is therefore probably smart enough to distance herself enough not be put in danger.


  1. Dec 29, 2016. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected] sure to read these guidelines first. Thanks for. I would like advice on what my options would be at this point if she doesn't respect that I don't want a drug dealer around the kids?

  2. Nov 4, 2015. If I were the other au pair's host mom, I would certainly want to know if my au pair were dating a drug dealer, and that this drug dealer may staying at my house. Finally, I don't want my au pair to be exposed to any danger by being friends with this other au pair. I am concerned about this friendship that my au.

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  4. Dec 15, 2016. A DATING site romeo posed with cannabis and wads of cash for his profile pic — and was reported to cops for being a drug dealer.

  5. Dec 9, 2013. Right about now you're probably thinking What does a Jewish girl from the Upper West Side know about drug dealer etiquette? It's a legitimate concern, but I'll have you know that I am actually quite informed on the topic and if my parents would just close their browser, then I can delineate why. You see, I.

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