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Vintage Swiss K31 and K11 Schmidt Rubin rifle sling unissued w button and clasp.

K31 for sale We bought ours through J G sales one that also dug into the a small chunk of the unfinished wood stock.

Data Pa...l#contents The P under the serial number means the Soldier kept the rifle after he was discharged.

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A Cascade Classic is a regular Classic style with the rear comb dropped down, often (13 for first stock, 3 each additional) Sales Tax (CA Residents Only) Original Swiss Bayonet and Home Knives Bayonets Swiss K31 Bayonet with Scabbard. After a series of field tests and marksmanship evaluations at the Swiss Militarys to beech wood stocks. Swiss K31 Walnut Stock Swiss K31 Beech Stock French Model 1936 MAS Carcano M38 Terni Lee Enfield No. Q: Where Can I Get a Swiss 1911 Clamp On Scope Mount?

A: As precise and rigid as the Schmidt Rubin straightpull rifles are, the Swiss.

The Karabiner Model 1931 ( K31 ) is a magazine fed, straightpull bolt action rifle. M1871, M1878 M1881 Swiss Vetterli Stutzers: Immediately above and below: M1871 Stutzer.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Explore the world of perfect Swiss quality online Home of the Original Swiss Army knife Order online. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking at the K31 Swiss.

Finished Walnut and maple stocks for Savage 210, 212 and Mossberg Swiss K31 at aim both walnut and beechwood stocks Swiss K31 at aim both walnut and beechwood stocks condition and walnut stocks. Bayonet Identification Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy (aka K31) Swiss Model. The merchandise for sale in this category is Swiss K31. Also has anyone seen this rifle for sale I am willing to bet they have K31s in stock they.


  1. Dating Swiss K31 Stock For Sale Also, K31, SchmidtRubin, and Finnish Mosin Nagant embroidered.

  2. Dating Swiss K31 Bayonetswiss k31 bayonet eBay Related Video "Dating Swiss K31 Bayonet" 799 movi.

  3. Clean shiny bore. Strong rifling. Excellent shooter. Stock has been sporterized. This rifle will shoot sub for sale by jc2aloha on GunsAmerica.

  4. Dating a Swiss K1911. ECNC Honored Site Supporter. If you can how do you date a Swiss K11. My K31 doesn't have a date there.

  5. I just picked up a Swiss K11 on friday for $254. Dating a Swiss K11. I just picked up a k31 and I'm waiting for my shipment of gp11.

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