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Dating ad acronyms

dramatisations of two of the "Johnny Maxwell" books (but not, i think, of OYCSM (q.v.)). licence fee payable by all uk households using a television, which is set by the government, who also appoint the governors of the public corporation, who appoint its director-general and "deputy dg", as vacancies arise - where- after little or no day-to-day control *need* exist. the international services, as the World Service of the BBC, are run by the bbc for, and are directly funded by, the u.k. There are no entry requirements or other qualification needed being your wishing to join and be a part.government Foreign Office, which *does* exercise its control, and on a daily basis from time to time (not least, the reconquest of the falkland isles (las malvinas) during the u.n. - this was not previously done with so heavy a hand (leastways, not in the sixties), but now bids fair to undermine respect for the world service's hitherto widely-admired reporting objectivity. It is one of the original places used by afpers to share information about themselves with each other irrespective of location and RL activity or frequency of posting and it is still going strong with new bugs regularly added.T5E is the preferred acronym on the newsgroups - TFE is here for information. _ to be published Oct '05, I challenge afp to supply an acronym for this one! TLC _The Last Continent_ also Thin Layer Chromatography (Chromatogram); Tender Loving Care.TLF _The Light Fantastic_; three-line followup TLH _The Last Hero_ large format book illustrated by Paul Kidby, published November 2001 TSo D _The Science of Discworld_, published June 1999. Again written with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen and discussing evolution, intelligence and other roundworld topics. TOC, To C "Theatre of Cruelty" dw short story, originally published in Bookcase 45, W. Smith's promotional magazine "Bookcase, 45, July/August '93; now expanded, it has very kindly been made available by pterry for our private reading pleasure [on

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Not to be confused with 2000AD, British graphic art comic which gave birth to Halo Jones (thank you Andrew Breen and Ally) A-Files Ever growing gallery of afpers, displaying mug^Wportrait picture and/or a soundbyte of the afper's greeting, and additional information such as their afpcode, nickname etc.

WS _Wyrd Sisters_; william shakespeare ============================================================================== Main Section ------------ ABEND Absent By Enforced Net Deprivation (see AFK); also abnormal end ABP alt.books.pratchett - a strictly serious newsgroup devoted to the rigorous analysis of the works of a lesser-known humourist. best estimate of the numerical error in assigning the "nazarene"'s date of birth would put it in 6 B.

C.(q.v.), sfaiaa (q.v.), and in approximately march of that year, too...

For a wider audience on a technical issue your best prospect is more likely to be the appropriate comp., alt. AFPC pratchett.classic - old articles recycled:) AFPCode AFP's own 'geekcode'. sized chunk which can also be neatly added to your A-Files entry should you wish to make one. Or occasionally the "boring old fart from hell" (dunno what that makes me 'though ) BSE, bse bovine spongiform encephalopathy - "mad cow disease" - which is more widespread than most governments are prepared to admit, in the eu (q.v.) or in merkia.

To formulate your own AFPCode take a look at: AHFo S _A Hat Full of Sky_ - A children's novel, the second to feature Tiffany Aching. " (from the alleged [commonly accepted as true] newbie- ("aol ! caused by the feeding of the infected parts of diseased cows back to cows without complete pyrolysis of the prions, which practice became widespread in the uk once the tory government made it legal, & made it legal to not declare the presence of such ingredients in processed feedstuffs; but which has also taken place in most, if not all, other countries using processed feedstuffs for cattle.


  1. May 4, 2017. To help you navigate the changing times we put together the ultimate guide to dating slang terms. This is used to describe when someone lures you into a relationship via a fake online profile. It could be a guy posing. Not everyone in the dating world uses abbreviations and odd euphemisms. But when.

  2. The value of using Internet abbreviations and text speak acronyms in dating conversations and advertisements.

  3. Definitions of NSA. Definition of NSA in Slang/Internet Slang. What does NSA stand for?

  4. Feb 25, 2009. His ad says he's attractive, sporty and 5ft 10in. That means he's ugly, 5ft 3in and plays snooker. CUDDLY Morbidly obese. A date would necessitate the removal of the roof and a whale sling. Cuddling is very unlikely, although squashing is a distinct possibility. BBW Stands for 'big, beautiful woman'. Well.

  5. A. D. anno domini; a dating system based on a mistaken interpretation of the information given in the new testament of the bible regarding the date of birth of one particular palestinian. best estimate of the numerical error in assigning the "nazarene"'s date of birth would put it in 6 B. C.q.v. sfaiaa q.v. and in approximately.

  6. Online dating in focus for ex-cop's new play. Shapely Ankle Preferr'd' illustrates how lonely hearts ads have developed in style over the centuries to become full abbreviations and metaphors, such as GSOH and WLTM, today. Wanted Men of sense, free from natural or chance deformity; How Brum's lovelorn launched lonely.

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