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Dating antique dining chairs

One of the most popular forms of this period was a card table that sported five legs instead of the four of Queen Anne designs.

Federal (Hepplewhite), 1790-1815: This period reflects the growing patriotism felt in the young American states.

Furniture styles can be determined by careful study and remembering what design elements each one embraces.

To help understand what defines each period, here are some of the major design elements for each period.

Woods tend to be maple, walnut, white pine or southern yellow pine.

One type of decoration that begins in the William and Mary period and extends through to Queen Anne and Chippendale styles is known as “japanning,” referring to a lacquering process that combines ashes and varnish.

Pennsylvania cabinetmakers used Marlborough feet, while other regions favored ogee bracket feet.Two new furniture forms were created in this period. Expect to find a little more comfort in chairs and sofas, but not very thick cushions or seats.When a piece of furniture is made in England, or styled after an English example, it may be known as Hepplewhite. Robert Adam is credited with creating the style known as Hepplewhite during the 1760s and leading the form.Another English book heavily influenced the designers of the day.This one was by Alice Hepplewhite, and titled published in 1788, 17.Queen Anne, 1720-1760: Evolution of this design style is from Queen Anne’s court, 1702 to 1714, and lasted until the Revolution.This style of furniture is much more delicate than its predecessor.The motifs used for inlay included bellflowers, urns, festoons, acanthus leaves and pilasters, to name but a few.Inlaid bands and lines were also popular and often used in combination with other inlay.Sheraton, 1790-1810: The style known as Sheraton closely resembles Federal.The lines are somewhat straighter and the designs plainer than Federal.


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