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Dating campagnolo parts

For the testing session at Daytona Ferrari recruited Chris Amon and Lorenzo Bandini to drive the Spider 330 P4 and Michael Parkes and Ludovico Scarfioti to drive the other prototype which was the Berlinetta P4.Chris Amon’s presence surprised a few folks because he had been on Ford’s winning Le Mans team just six months earlier.His father (also called Mario) owned the San Remo Restaurant in South Daytona and this place was frequented by Bill France, Jr. France was known to recommend the restaurant to the Italian teams when they were in town. Mario commented that when the Ferrari factory team arrived at Daytona for testing during the winter of 1966 they had not done any fittings for the car seats that the driver’s would use during the tests.Ferrari team manager Dragoni asked Mario to go to the nearest supermarket and buy a couple of auto seat covers (the thick ones used in Florida to reduce the sweat marks on shirts) so that the smaller drivers could find it easier to adapt to the cockpit of the new 330 P4.

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Ford beat Ferrari with a humiliating 1-2-3 finish at both Daytona and Sebring and for the first time in six years they lost, again to Ford, at the Holy Grail of endurance racing the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Belgian – Francorchamps P3 driven by Willy Mairesse and Jean Beurlys and the other a green P2 entered and driven by David Piper with his co-driver Richard Attwood.

Other private Ferrari entries included two Dinos, a 275 GTB and a 250 LM driven by Peter Clarke and Edward Nelson.

It is not known whether he had been affected by exhaust fumes or being alone on the track he developed a form of self-hypnotism. One goal of the test sessions was to recreate the demands of a 24-hour race with pit stops, driver changes and minor repairs.

While the pit area was closed to the public during those test sessions, the grandstands were not and quite a few spectators were happy for the privilege of witnessing them at work.


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