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Dating complaints

Here are a few examples: Do not give your personal data to anyone you barely know.Until you met this person face to face and have developed a level of trust, don’t give out your birth date, bank account number, social security number, and even address.No problem with giving someone help, but most scammers would tell sad stories of unfortunate events to lure you to getting what they ultimately want — your money. Better put your guards on because some con-artists are sophisticated catching you when your guard is down. If your online date deliberately asks for money, that’s a major red flag sign.

Scammers would use attractive photos, some dumb ones would use stock photos or photos from a facebook profile.

A friendship which might lead to a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. This event gathers a lot of women who are avid fans of football. Make sure to create a bond with these women by giving your own insights about the game.

You can talk to them about the game or debate by giving opinion throughout the play. Flaunt your beach body and attract a lot of women now!

There are sites that list scammers or provide you sample profiles of what the average scammers might look like: the info they put in, their photo, their typical age, things they say and how they will entice to convince you.

If you’ll take a look at a ton of reviews about people’s experiences with dating scams, you’ll notice the same pattern.


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