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Dating gold jewellery

Dating a vintage necklace by its clasp is not a straightforward task.

The spring ring clasp, for instance, was developed back in the 1840s.

Any alterations from what was original will lower the value of the piece.

The only way to maintain the value of a vintage necklace in need of a replacement is to find a clasp of identical age, style and material to the original.

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Knowledge of proper clasps for the era in which a necklace was made can be very helpful when dating a piece.

(Yes, this means the definition is a moving target!

FYI: Many antique dealers and collectors are currently snatching up Art Deco necklaces and other pieces from the 1920s.

Often, it will be the incorrect type of clasp for the time period in which the necklace was made.

Once you can identify a clasp marriage on a vintage necklace, you’ll have bargaining power.


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