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“Sailors and Marines form the defense force.”Twin Falls Mayor Joe Kohler, a member of the nationwide Fight for Freedom Committee, received a telegram that morning from committee executives squarely placing blame for the attack on Adolph Hitler.“Japan’s war on the United States is the last desperate effort of Hitler to turn American attention from the center of war against our world,” the telegram read. intervention in World War II, had warned that Hitler would try to divert American war resources away from Germany.“This treachery was master-minded by the thugs and gangsters of Berlin... Waters cleared sagebrush from land a mile northeast of town.

Kohler was charged with spreading the message throughout Idaho. Waters, from the Yakima Valley of Washington, built a nursery and ranch on his acreage at what is now known as Blue Lakes Boulevard North and Falls Avenue East.

Five months after irrigation water from the river first spilled upon the Twin Falls Tract, folks were suggesting the name be changed.“The citizens of Twin Falls would welcome such revision and would be glad to see the mighty river which supplies moisture for the largest irrigated tract in America called by its proper name, ‘Shoshonee,’” opined the Twin Falls Weekly News in its Aug.

11, 1905, edition.“’Snake’ is a revolting appellation and while it may suggest the sinuous course of the stream, it forever eliminates the river from song or sentiment,” the newspaper explained.

Mychel Matthews reports on rural issues and agriculture for the Twin Falls founder I. J., to see the two electric rail cars Edison was manufacturing for Twin Falls.

Accompanying Perrine was Captain the Honorable Lyulph Gilchrist Stanley Ogilvy, DSO, a decorated officer in the British cavalry and agricultural reporter for the Denver Post.

Desserts included green apple pie, hot mince pie, pumpkin pie, English plum pudding and ice cream.

Waters planted 4,000 shade trees along Twin Falls streets even before irrigation water made its way to town.The meal started with eastern oyster cocktail, followed by a choice of potage asparagus a la manda or chicken consomme celestine.Entrees included stuffed young turkey with cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving special steak a la Stanley, roast goose with fried sweet potatoes, English lamb chops with Bordelaise sauce, fried spring chicken a la Maryland, roast loin of pork with baked apple, and roast prime ribs of beef au jus.The locust saplings, planted May 10, 1905, grew from one foot to more than eight feet tall in five months.The trees suffered over the winter, but a thick grove of trees sprang from the roots the following year.Residents bucketed water from Rock Creek into barrels and hauled them by wagon to each tree.Waters planted roses and fruit trees — apples, plums, pears, peaches and cherries — to sell at his nursery.Known as Lord Ogilvy, the Scot was awarded the Distinguished Service Order by King Edward VII in 1902 for his service in Boer War in South Africa, where he was wounded in action.Ogilvy’s and Perrine’s visit with Edison was documented in the Dec. Ogilvy seemed less impressed with the electric storage battery rail cars, the “first to be used west of New York,” he said, than he was with Edison’s phonograph, which Edison was fine-tuning during their visit.To some, “Snake” implied that the river’s edge is infested with rattlesnakes, keeping tourists from visiting the falls.“It is a pity we cannot get rid of the offensive name ‘Snake,’” said E. Eagleson, surveyor general for Idaho who later became a Boise mayor.In an interesting offshoot, Eagleson suggested a prehistoric population that inhabited the area before the Indians.“It would seem that nearly all our great rivers were named by the people of some prehistoric race and the survival of these names is about all the oral evidence we have that North America was peopled by a race which flourished before the Indians,” he said.


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  2. Dec 4, 2017. A collection of Mychel Matthews' Hidden History columns from 2016.

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