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If one person has a big ego, then it will throw the relationship off balance causing it to fall apart.If you love someone you should be willing to give yourself to them which means you’re willing to follow a spiritual path together.I finally replied back explaining that my daughter had dance class and I wasn’t sure I could make other arrangements on such short notice.He seemed to understand and mentioned he would probably go with his daughter.

You eventually grow up, get your own place and finally get a little privacy—at least until kids come along (if they do).| blog, Featured, Relationships, The Yoga Slut | 0 Comments By Dana Gornall There is something comforting about communicating in writing---especially in digital format.For me, writing as a form of expression has always been a better way because I could take my time with my thoughts. Dana Gornall is the co-founder of The Tattooed Buddha and mom of three crazy kids and a dog.There are still areas in which there is no agreement among scholars and these include disputes over translations of different key doctrinal terms, reliability of different sources, even the date in which the Buddha was born and died is uncertain.As research increases and becomes more specific in different areas, we come across the paradox of scholars knowing more and more about less and less.Check out her writing here on The Tattooed Buddha and her column: The Yoga Slut.You can also see her writing on Elephant Journal, Yoga International and Rebelle Society. Buddhism is one of the most influential traditions of the Eastern world, with about two and a half thousand years of development.It has touched and adorned virtually every single aspect of Asian society: its lore, mythology, morals, art and even metaphysics and religion, despite the fact the Buddha, its founder, does not seem to have had any kind of metaphysical or religious concerns.If you want a relationship to work it’s imperative that you set your ego aside.A relationship must consist of a number of elements that will allow it remain balanced and pro-active.


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