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Dating lonely brides

Most Chinese men believe these beautiful, successful young women should be happy, but the women have access to the internet and a lot of international television and films. You might not impress a modern Chinese girl from Shanghai or Beijing with your car or bank account.In some cases she might even make more than you, or at least have the potential to make more than you.

The great thing about Chinese dating is that there is so much diversity among Chinese singles.For more information on this strange phenomena check out our article: Sheng Nu - The Unwanted Women of China. This can actually help you if you are a foreign guy interested in dating a Chinese woman, because the women in China today are often operating with a different set of expectations than most Chinese men.The status of women in China is shockingly low by Western standards. Many Chinese women seeking marriage are very attracted to the images of relationships they see in the Western media.This is sometimes a problem in the United States and Europe, but not to the extent that it is in China.In China, despite the shortage of women, many men will absolutely not date a woman who makes more money than he does.So, unlike many countries, the Chinese ladies signing up to meet foreign men are often not economically deprived or socially isolated.In fact, the hot Chinese babes signing up at Global dating agencies are among the country's most beautiful and intelligent young women; most of them tend to have good jobs in one of the big cities.That is a truly horrifying fact and it shows how the strange mix of forces in China has created a deeply unhappy situation for many of the country's women.So, many of these beautiful Asian women signing up to become modern mail order brides are not doing so for lack of romantic opportunity or, given China's rapid economic growth, even financial opportunism.Yes, about 90% of the population is Han Chinese, which people generally refer to as Chinese, but that means that there are well over 100 million ethnic minorities living in China, which is like a whole other country or two.Single Chinese girls are really, really in demand these days, but that doesn't mean that you cannot find the stunning girl of your dreams.


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