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Dating my doctor

Few of us really believed such propaganda, but as we approached graduation five years on, wiser and more experienced, more and more of us decided to train for family medicine.Back then there were 50 or 60 competitors for every job, so great was the popularity of posts — despite the prospect of house calls, nights and weekends on duty, and that sense of being bottom of the pile again as the third or fourth partner in a group of senior GPs.And ask your doctor to screen your heart in detail.For unless your father was a heavy smoker, overweight, and perhaps diabetic, he is unlikely to have had coronary heart disease at the age of 33, despite the suggestion otherwise.More GP training for undergraduates is likely to put off young doctors from choosing it as their career.

We also had only one two-hour session of training in medical ethics.

But is taking a drug for life to help two out of every 100 worthwhile, especially bearing in mind the fact that there is the unexpected danger of triggering diabetes in one in 200 users, not to mention the various side-effects, such as muscle and joint pain (although the evidence for these is debatable)?

Primary prevention is a little like obsessing about the tread depth on your car tyres as a way of preventing car accidents when there is a multiplicity of other factors — such as speeding, fog, ice, drink-drivers — involved in death on the roads.

Yes, for a long while there were stigmas attached to the idea, but now it’s more accepted and expected than ever before.

In fact, a recent study found that 22% — that's over 1 in 5 people — in relationships met their partner online.


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