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Dating new testament manuscripts

Now, most atheists think they want the reverse to be the case, that the canon not being decided until a committee got at it hundreds of years after the fact is the more embarrassing theory, and gives greater authority to the books excluded.

This means all those published opinions before were based on a falsehood.

This means all variants prior to that (including the original form of the text as Josephus wrote it) are permanently lost and invisible to us.

Every error and distortion and mistaken “correction” that got into the text in that one single Eusebian manuscript, from its own copying from an earlier manuscript in that same library (used by Origen), which said significantly different things, and every error and distortion and mistaken “correction” that got into the text in the long process of transmission down through numerous reproductions before Origen even acquired his copy, will never show in the surviving record.

The first time any clear assertion of a canon came from Christian leadership was a letter by Athanasias in 367 A.

D., and all he did was endorse the canon already widely in use (against attempts to usurp or alter it).


  1. Nov 10, 2017. Papyrus 1 is a third century papyrus manuscript of the Gospels containing part of Matthew 1. Click here to view the manuscript. Image result for p52. Papyrus 52 is the earliest extant Greek New Testament fragment dating from the second century AD. It contains the text of John, 37. Click here to view.

  2. Nov 4, 2013. Consider papyrus P52 above—yes, that is considered a “manuscript.” It is a tiny fragment of John just 9cm long. It is our oldest New Testament manuscript and dates to the first half of the second century. Three more manuscripts P90, P98, and P104 are also scraps of a similar size and date to the second.

  3. Mar 18, 2015. Both of these questions are answered within the fields of paleography and textual criticism, which seek to analyze ancient manuscripts of the New Testament to determine their date and accuracy. The article that follows provides an overview of the most important New Testament manuscripts that have been.

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