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Violence between police and protesters have been reported at numerous such demonstrations which have even resulted in fatal shootings in some cases.

Not then, the most obvious setting in which to set an ad to sell sugary, fizzy drinks.

Skip - whose single appears on the moments advert - said: "Standing together and being unified in the moment is a powerful experience.

"This song ' Lions' that Pepsi selected for the ' Moments' ad should remind our generation to look at the way you are living and find strength and calm in each moment." The backlash started when viewers pointed out the film's imagery echoes that of Ieshia Evans serenely standing up to armed police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, while protesting the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling.

The Sun online has contacted Kendall's reps for comment.

KENDALL Jenner has been left "heartbroken" by the backlash to her Pepsi advert and has retreated from the limelight as she comes to terms with the shocking outcome.

Pepsi came under fire last week for an advert featuring the reality star, which appeared to trivialise the Black Lives Matter movement.

People accused the brand of trying to ride the wave of pro-immigrant and unity sentiment shortly after Donald Trump announced his Muslim ban.

In another unfortunate creative choice, Coke was forced to pull an online advert in 2015 which appeared to show Caucasian people turning up at an indigenous town in Mexico bearing gifts of soda cans and a Christmas tree for locals.


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  2. Diet Pepsi and Diet Pepsi Classic Formula Blend are no-calorie carbonated cola soft drinks produced by PepsiCo, introduced in 1964 as a variant of Pepsi-Cola with no.

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