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When children learn to do things for themselves, they build resilience.

Parents shouldn’t be sad when their young children to learn to climb up onto the kitchen counter to grab a cup so they can get a drink.

Since parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their sons and daughters the gospel of Jesus Christ, raising the bar for our future missionaries means raising the bar for parents as well!

Over the years as a family counselor, priesthood leader, and parent, I have noticed several key mistakes that many contemporary parents consistently make.

“Agency,” is the freedom to choose, but there are always consequences for those choices—both good and bad.

Monson announced that young men could now be recommended for missionary service at age 18, and young women could serve at age 19.

Help them understand that real self-worth and confidence comes from engaging in things that are difficult—not easy.

Children can take challenging classes and come up with their own solutions.

With personal stories, research, and interviews, this is every parent's must-read handbook for finding answers and keeping the Spirit in their home.--Many parents confuse agency and freedom.

“Freedom” is to allow your children to do whatever they want, without any consequences.


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