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Similarly, just focusing on the "evaluating applicants" phase falls flat too.

This strategy is popular with personality tests and "profile matching" such as e Harmony. But, advertised as a "complete solution" to dating and relationships, they fall flat.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor As part of my Master's degree education in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, I learned that business activities were successfully accomplished through specific steps and operations. "Failure" is often a result of not knowing those steps, missing some, or not performing them in the correct order.

When something "failed", it was often because someone missed a step or didn't perform the operations in order. Below, I am going to teach you those general steps for successful dating.

Generally, when an organization has a position to fill, it goes through the following steps: 1) Developing a job description - the duties, tasks, and behaviors expected of the position are assessed and written down.

Most importantly, what the employee is expected to "do" is clearly specified.

The failure here is that even the best personality test will not find someone who is "perfectly suited" to perform every task you need, without them also being educated and trained for what you like.

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This is necessary because even the applicant with the "best fit" on a personality test will still be unfamiliar with the tasks required in a new job for a new company.In other words, it specifies what the organization will also "do" back for the employee.All other steps result from this job description and the required behaviors it contains.3) Evaluate applicants - once applicants have shown interest, they are then "screened" or "evaluated".This may take the form of resume reviews, interviews, personality tests, and background checks.The idea is to identify applicants with the "general" knowledge, skills, and abilities to "potentially" be a good fit for the job position.4) Train and assess temporary hires - finally, applicants are usually hired on a "probationary period".So, the usual dating advice is missing the most important ingredients for success! Those books make the assumption that there is one correct set of characteristics that makes a person "right" or "wrong".For example, many dating books out there discuss how to "find and attract" Mr. If that were so, then everyone would be after the same small few people.They focus on the "middle" of the process, which is particularly weak, especially without the other steps.In fact, the most important steps are usually 1 and 4 (which I heavily focus on in my own dating advice and consultancy).


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