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Dating sites for ostomates

Myth #13 – We are all totally ok with our ostomy There is a level of acceptance that comes with having an ostomy.

Eventually most people see that it is a life saving measure and become thankful for it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle with it from time to time.

If you can find the right appliance to use and use it correctly you can prevent poop from flying everywhere.

Myth #7 – People with ostomies smell like poop Even people with ostomies worry about this. I was always afraid that if I smelled poop, the whole world smelled poop.

Here are some that I had, and also some that I got when I asked my friends what they knew about ostomies before they knew me.

Myth #1 – Jackie No Butt One of my friends has a husband who doesn’t really know me all that well.

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It may take more planning, and extra tape, but we can do it.I wore midi bags which were actually very small and relatively easy to hide.Myth #12 – Having an ostomy is like being disabled While there are really trying times, and emotional let downs, living with an ostomy is just living.Myth #9 – When you say “ostomy” people know what you’re talking about So many of my friends had to google “ostomy” when I told them. Awareness is huge people, telling your stories will help bring acceptance. Before I had an ostomy I was always shocked when I met someone who had an one because they didn’t have a sign on their head or a swarm of flys around their poop stench. Myth # 11 – Ostomy bags are huge When you start talking about your “bag” people can have lots of misconceptions of what your bag looks like.Myth #10 – I don’t know anyone with an ostomy We are sneaky little MFers. I once had a friend ask me ” Are you wearing your bag? Most people really have no clue what they look like and how complex they can actually get.I will admit before I had an ostomy, I didn’t know anything except you had a bag of poop attached to you.After living with an ostomy for 15 months, I thought it was time to attack some myths.I promise you, if you’re even remotely interested in the sex you’re having, it won’t bother you. They are also skinny, and tall and short and male and female. Believe it or not ostomies and the people who have them come in all shapes and sizes.Also people with ostomies are not just ugly freaks of nature.Myth #8 – Only people with cancer have ostomies Many people who have had colon cancer do end up with ostomies, both colostomies and ileostomies.However, an ostomy can be a result of IBD, a severe accident, or a myriad of other causes.


  1. Ostomy Support. Stomawise is a Support Charity for Ostomates of all ages We are an internet based support website for Ostomates of all types. We hope to provide the.

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  3. Jan 19, 2013 My ex boyfriend don't worry, we're still friends and I discuss sex and relationships.having IBD and an ostomy! We try to answer the burning sexual.

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