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The Joe Martin Foundation has selected model engineer Cherry Hill of Malvern, Worcestershire, England as "Metalworking Craftsman of the Year" award winner for 2017.

Though she cannot attend in person, her work will be honored April 30-31 at the in Southgate, MI.

When her father died in 1961, the company was purchased by a larger group and she worked with Bruff Engineering until 1975.

After that she owned a series of British sports cars.

(CLICK HERE to order the book on ) The hardbound book tells her story and is packed with photos that do justice to Cherrys fine work. Hill have given us permission to use some of the copy and photos from that book to give you a brief introduction to her work, as no site that honors model engineers would be complete without reference to her and her models. Hill she has stated that she is finally going to take it a little easier now, as the demands of extremely fine work on the eyesight and fine hand skills have taken their toll after 60-some years of world-class model engineering.

What may be her final major project, a Nathaniel Grew ice locomotive is currently a work in progress.

Fortunately for those who appreciate fine model engineering, the body of her lifetime of work will continue to set a very high bar for other model engineers to attempt to attain.

Also, the results of the extensive research she has done on vintage engines will live on in her models.


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