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Each teenage parent might see it in a different perspective.

Some may not want their baby, while others will view the birth of their child as an achievement without recognizing the responsibilities that come with being a parent.

In addition to shows that seem to encourage young pregnancies, there are several teen celebrities having children as well.

Teenagers look at celebrities as role models, so when they see that they are having babies they assume it is okay for them, too.

She claims that the teens will be watching the shows no matter what, and believes that the message will get through (Fox News).

The popular ABC Family show, is another show about teen pregnancy.

The teenage mothers are more likely to end up relying on welfare.

In the job market today, it is extremely difficult to find a well-paying job that does not require one to be educated.

Popular shows such as show the struggles and responsibilities that come with being a teen parent, while examining both the hardships the mothers go through, and the fame and glamour they gain. As mentioned in cost of teen pregnancy in the United States is at least billion per year.

Not the message I want to be sending my children.” Parents like this mother think the shows may actually influence sexual behavior negatively in teens and may persuade young women to more easily terminate pregnancies (Fox News).

Looking at the positive side of , many parents have found it to be a very effective way to teach their daughters the truth about teen pregnancy.

Since teen moms have a tendency to drop out of high school, this makes finding a job to support their family very difficult (

The article states that these mothers-to-be typically do not seek proper medical treatment during the time of their pregnancy, which increases the risks of medical complications.


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