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It’s not having a likeable personality, or being funny, or being bad, or working as a model, or having a lot of money.Let me first clarify a few of these misconceptions. What one person finds likeable, another can find as irritating. Last I checked stand-up comedian or clown was never listed among the sexiest professions a man can have.The bad boy might be an abusive asshole who will never change or the model might be an insecure emotional disaster. You will have plenty of people willing to do that for you.

Do understand that in both cases, this is the image projected. Smile just enough to let the world know you “got this.” Gaze intense enough to let the world know you won’t back down.

Sure, women are attracted to the bad boy because he provides a sense of danger and makes them feel rebellious, especially if the lady in question has led a rather safe (restrictive) life. The bad boy isn’t necessarily bad, but rather proud of his rebellious attitude, unwilling to water themselves down to make weaker people comfortable.

There is also the motherly sense of “I can fix him”, but that is material for another article.

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