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Dealing with dating a widower

But I wonder if he will be able to find someone to strip for him in prison?

I seldom have difficulty finding articles to write up for this blog.

And that is something that anyone who is considering going back to an abusive partner should consider.

It could become a lose-lose situation you might say.

Fiorillo was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. There must be a history of some type of violence in the relationship, and evidently it was serious enough that Fiorillo took out the restraining order against the boyfriend (the boyfriend was not named in this article, probably because he would be considered to be the victim of domestic violence). Just because he committed the violence in the past, does not mean that he was the only one to commit violence this time.

One of the worst things about domestic violence cases, is that frequently one party will start something, then both will become violent. After that, either one or both could end up in jail.

Misty said they didn’t do anything much, maybe go through a drive thru for something to eat and they talked. And like he had told the other strippers, he told her that he was a widower and his wife had died of cancer.

When asked if she would have met him without the money, she said no.

And thanks to him for the two Nods of Doom in two days. He was there enough that when he walked in, the batender would set a Miller Lite and double shot of Crown Royal whiskey on the bar.

Melissa Fiorillo, 26 told police that she was sleeping and her boyfriend woke her up and asked her for some cash.

When she refused, she stated that he then poured vodka on her and elbowed her in the neck and choked her.

You remember the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again”? He liked to spread up to ,000 on the table, so he would be sure to get the girl’s attentions.

Holcombe 6-foot-3, 350 pounds, who worked at a printing company wasn’t a rich man.


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  5. I seldom have difficulty finding articles to write up for this blog. Every day, almost every city there will be an article about a family/home related crime.

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