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And while specific pheromones are known to trigger specific responses in animals from bees to squid, scientists have yet to isolate them in humans, and according to Smithsonian Magazine, a review of scientific literature on the study of pheromones “found that most research on the topic was subject to major design flaws.” Pheramor isn’t the first app to prey on people’s scientific ignorance—Singld Out and Instant Chemistry are both dating companies with the same basic premise.Scientific reliability aside, Pheramor and dating apps like it (see: The League) effectively betray the only good thing about online dating: openness and the possibility for unlikely encounters.READ ALSO: Gator hunting: A love story According to an ever-growing body of scientific research, the answer is: quite a bit.That's why Mirza and 26-year-old geneticist Brittany Barreto have spent the last year huddled in their downtown Houston office, working steadily to launch the nation's first genetics-based dating app, Pheramor.This means we do NOT look at any genes associated with disease, race, hair color, height, etc - nothing, except attraction.Your identification will not be shared with the lab."The genetic data for attraction will come back directly to Pheramor and stored safely.Both co-founders insist your DNA information will remain private.

After the brief and overwhelming golden age of unlimited choice inaugurated by apps like Tinder, it makes sense that online dating denizens want to retreat back into bespoke, match-makey dating worlds, organized by genetics or college connections. But there has to be a better way to escape the “dating apocalypse” than withdrawing into a Gattaca simulacrum predicated on pseudoscience.The remaining DNA sample at the lab will be destroyed and no further use will be allowed."The app goes live on Wednesday, Feb. Thousands of Houstonians have already signed up, including the two co-founders."I'm a hopeless romantic and have been single for too long," Barreto laughed. There’s a new dating app on the scene hoping to disrupt the way we find that one special person to eventually melt down in an IKEA with over the relative merits of a Kvikne wardrobe versus a Trysil.Dating platforms have always made their bones off of scientifically dubious claims of having the secret to matchmaking, but the concept of pheromones is some of the shakiest science out there.To support their algorithm, Pheramor cites a famous 1998 study—appropriately called the “sweaty T-shirt experiment”—that found that women were more attracted to the scent of men who had the greatest genetic difference from them on a specific chromosome.Described by Wired as “a sort of 23and Me meets Tinder meets monogamists,” Pheramor’s secret to success is your DNA.That’s right—for a low-rate of .99 plus a monthly membership fee, the Houston-based online dating startup promises to match local singles who are compatible not only socially but genetically.Your genetic information will be put in a server and measured up with other singles in your area.You can also add information about yourself, like gender, partner preferences, and interests.While we’re looking for it, let’s all swab left on Pheramor and its ilk.Pheramor requires all users to submit a cheek swab using a specially-created kit from which a team of in-house scientists can sequence the specific genes associated with attraction and identify which users might be sexually compatible. We can determine who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you with our state-of-the-art dating app.⠀ #linkinbio #dating #houston #app #singles #single #relationship #couple #texas #business #startup #app A post shared by Pheramor (@pheramor) on “Pheramor uses both your biology and your social technology; we collect your genetic data through a q-tip-like cheek swab and acquire your like, dislikes, and interests from your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc,” the app’s website explains.


  1. Dec 27, 2017. This new dating app is exchanging swipes for swabs. An upcoming dating app, Pheramor, matches singles based partially on their DNA. Created by Brittany Barreto, Asma Mirza and Bin Huang, the app looks both at participants' DNA samples and their social media profiles to match online singles.

  2. Days ago. The booth belonged to Pheramor, a Houston-based online dating startup that claims to use your DNA as the secret sauce in its matchmaking formulation. The company launched today in its home metropolis, with plans to soon expand to other US cities. Its app, which is available for iOS and Android, is a.

  3. Pheramor - an online dating platform based out of Houston, TX with a dating app using genetics & technology to enhance romance & help find better dates.

  4. Dec 28, 2017. How do you know that Ben from London is really 25-years-old? Is his profile picture recent? Does he really have a puppy? Is his name even Ben? One thing you can't cheat is your genetics, which is why a new dating app is using DNA compatibility as a basis for its matchmaking algorithm. Read more.

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