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He described at length the mode of operation which had been in existence for 3,000 years.

The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire twelve years ago formulated a set of rules for the guidance of circumcisors. All that is required is that the circumcisor be a conscientious Jew.

All three children became ill on Thursday afternoon. Medelowitz of 496 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, the family physician, was summoned for the girl and Dr. Frank Dematto, superintendent of the hospital, on learning of the circumstances, notified the Medical Examiners’ Office and an autopsy was ordered.

Blaustein of 371 Rodney Street, Brooklyn, was called forthe Rosenweig baby. Rabbi Spund said last night that he got the brandy which he gave to the Block baby. Martin, Medical Examiner in Brooklyn, performed autopsies yesterday upon the bodies of two children who died on Thursday in the Brooklyn Maternity Hospital, and announced that he thought it extremely unlikely that the babies had died from a mixture of whisky and water and sugar given to them at the hospital.

Miss Reynolds said that on Wednesday night when the Cooper and Rosenweig children became fretful she gave them a drink similar to that given by the rabbi to the Block baby.

The report on the case made to the Chief Coroner by Dr. Death was due to acute disease of the kidneys caused by the excessive use of carbolic acid.

Walter Mc Keown states that Jacob Halpern, a butcher at 59 Chestnut Street, was called in by the father on Sunday to perform the Jewish rite of circumcision. He was present at the birth of the child and at the circumcision.

A nurse in the hospital administered a similar dose to the two other children when they became restless.

The Block [baby] recovered but the two other infants died the next day. Gettler said the organs of both children contained a large amount of acetaldehyde, derived from paraldehyde. Martin, Medical Examiner of Brooklyn, submitted the finding to District Attorney Dodd, who said last night that he would not make any statement concerning the case until today.


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