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Expat women dating singapore

Simon, here with Deborah, shares that there may have been only one or two occasions where he felt like there was any malice/negativity.

"If I receive these, I simply laugh it off and move on.

The couple, who have been together for 7 years and married for 2, met at a Muay Thai camp in Chiang Mai.

Denise shares that she’s never discounted dating local men, but points out that she’s received narrow-minded comments about how women look better with long hair (she wears a short pixie crop) or should know how to cook.

“These men would never have gone out with me because they would have deemed me too “unconventional” (therefore unattractive) by their standards; I’m also a proud feminist, opinionated, and a martial arts practitioner,” she says.

For him, it was never about realising that Singaporean or Asian girls are “the best.” At their Muay Thai Camp, they never even spoke until there was a gathering over some beers.

After that, Alain says, they had to find a way to stay together.And so when local women start dating foreign men, it feels like their own culture is being eroded.Cultural differences end up misconstrued as threats, and meaningless remarks are perceived as undeserved White privilege.I would never let this minority change anything," says the 39 year-old fitness trainer.When Deborah goes through the Reddit thread I forward to her and her husband, she tells me that a lot of these “observations” seem more like projections on the contributors’ parts.Many years ago, I freelanced for a client whose resentment towards Caucasians had accumulated this way.Having dealt with “ang mohs” before he started his own business, he detested them, categorising them as lazy, parasitic workers who took credit for everything everyone else did.As for whether these double standards truly exist, I decided to ask a few Caucasian men (and their Singaporean partners for an added local perspective) what they think.38-year old Alain Moggi, who is Belgian, says that he has never experienced any of the privileges mentioned in the Reddit thread. Denise, his wife, tells me, “My view is that some people are over-sensitive, and have too much time on their hands.” She adds that these statements come off as really insecure.It’s also where, when you do a quick search for ‘AMDK,’ you’ll find yourself wading in a cesspit of crude and sometimes bizarre stereotypes of White people. ‘AMDK’ stands for ‘ang moh dua kee,’ which roughly translates to ‘White people big shot.’ It refers to perceived Western superiority, and alleges that Singaporeans get criticised for seemingly banal things that Caucasians conversely attract praise for.This one example sums it up perfectly: On Reddit, there’s a neatly organised compilation of such comparisons.


  1. Feb 11, 2015. Meanwhile, expat women in Beijing said they struggled to date native Beijingers, a problem some blamed on negative stereotypes about Western women among. a move might be interested to know that the best cities for women seeking men, according to the Time Out survey, are Paris and Singapore.

  2. Oct 12, 2015. Not to come across as overly stereotypical, but the majority of local women seem to have a truly “GCP mentality” That of an overly inflated sense of self-worth and a very large sense of entitlement. Specific examples would be that during the dating process, they will only consider guys that are good looking.

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