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Chatroulette is no doubt the next true mass social phenomenon, after Facebook or Twitter.Created by a Russian kid, the website randomly connects you via webcam chat to anyone around the world.A photographic fall-back, one which would ensure that people had no need to ring me every time I featured in someone’s online album to ask if I was clinically depressed.I learned this late, it must be said —around two years ago, specifically, when I joined Facebook and realised that most of my friends didn’t have a bad picture on there because the moment anyone holds a lens up within 50 feet of them, out comes the fail-safe face — coquettish head tilt, a seductive smile, twinkling eyes. These days, when everyone is armed with a camera phone and even a quick drink after work is documented and uploaded on to a social networking site, being un-photogenic is less an irritant than a genuine affliction.Weddings, birthday parties, nights out, it was always the same.

And Cam Chat is the easiest and cheapest solution to start your own Chatroulette clone website.

They’re all pretty consistent: atrocious hairstyles coupled with an equally lamentable dress sense.

The real stand-out feature, however, is that in most of them I’m pulling a variety of comedy expressions.

When I tried that one for myself I looked a little bit like the Joker on Batman.

I decided to peruse my friends’ online albums, celebrity publications being ruled out for inspiration this time for the reasons written above.


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